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Sharon Mau

Maui, HI

United States

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This group was started on July 26th, 2012 and currently has:

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About This Group

★ . . . ♥ . Welcome to: ..:: B l a c k ::.. . ♥ . . . ★

A new dynamic group gallery with a focus on
Black+White Fine Art Photography content . . .

The aesthetic requirements are that images must be only Black+White and also must have deep black tones .

The ..:: B l a c k ::.. group gallery is dedicated to celebrating technically excellent creative high-quality black and white photographs . . .

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Fine Art Photography

★ 2 images per day may be submitted to the queue for consideration

★ When participating in discussion threads ALL members must abide by :
FAA forum rules and guidelines

Featured Images

S R Shilling -   3 Cornet Valves

3 Cornet Valves

S R Shilling

Jacques Pierre Niemandt - Lonely Rose

Lonely Rose

Jacques Pierre Niemandt

Nyoman Ady sanjaya - Solitude


Nyoman Ady sanjaya

Dave Bowman - Rolleiflex TLR

Rolleiflex TLR

Dave Bowman

Damijana Cermelj - Flower art

Flower art

Damijana Cermelj

Matti Ollikainen - Gator


Matti Ollikainen

Sharon Mau - Palm Balance

Palm Balance

Sharon Mau

Kevin Cable - Street Light

Street Light

Kevin Cable

Maggie Terlecki - Do Not Go Gentle

Do Not Go Gentle

Maggie Terlecki

Damijana Cermelj - Still life 01

Still life 01

Damijana Cermelj

Damijana Cermelj - Still life 02

Still life 02

Damijana Cermelj

Sharon Mau - Strength


Sharon Mau

Yucel Basoglu - No Name

No Name

Yucel Basoglu

Jenny Rainbow - Shadows


Jenny Rainbow

Dave Bowman - Het Strijkijzer

Het Strijkijzer

Dave Bowman

Maggie Terlecki - Stepping from This Skin

Stepping from This Skin

Maggie Terlecki

Sharon Mau - Rhosyn Du

Rhosyn Du

Sharon Mau

Dave Bowman - Wijnhaeve


Dave Bowman

Oscar Gutierrez - Spider Dahlia

Spider Dahlia

Oscar Gutierrez

Yucel Basoglu - All Alone

All Alone

Yucel Basoglu

Alapati Gallery - Benoir Lake

Benoir Lake

Alapati Gallery

Dave Bowman - Arbroath Cliffs

Arbroath Cliffs

Dave Bowman

Cyril Jayant -  White Swan

White Swan

Cyril Jayant

Nikolyn McDonald - Ready to Drop

Ready to Drop

Nikolyn McDonald

Mario Morales Rubi - Voyage


Mario Morales Rubi

Russ Vickers - Zip


Russ Vickers

Nikolyn McDonald - Grapeleaf Anemone

Grapeleaf Anemone

Nikolyn McDonald

Damijana Cermelj -  Fender stratocaster2

Fender stratocaster2

Damijana Cermelj

Captain Acid - Slow-Wave Sleep

Slow-Wave Sleep

Captain Acid

Tom Mc Nemar - Tetsubin Teapot

Tetsubin Teapot

Tom Mc Nemar

Remi D Photography - Gazing


Remi D Photography

Sharon Mau - Celestrial


Sharon Mau

Oscar Gutierrez - Dying Beauty

Dying Beauty

Oscar Gutierrez

Damijana Cermelj - White line

White line

Damijana Cermelj

Lorenzo Cassina - Star Leaf

Star Leaf

Lorenzo Cassina

Jacque The Muse Photography - Guitar in the Park

Guitar in the Park

Jacque The Muse Photography

Bahadir Yeniceri - Glass Collage

Glass Collage

Bahadir Yeniceri

Laurie Perry - Roll of the Dice

Roll of the Dice

Laurie Perry

Tomasz Dziubinski - Composition on Black

Composition on Black

Tomasz Dziubinski

Roland Krawulsky - Orchid


Roland Krawulsky

Dave Bowman - Water Tower

Water Tower

Dave Bowman

Tin Lung Chao - Pour me some wine

Pour me some wine

Tin Lung Chao

Alexander Kunz - Three Pyramids

Three Pyramids

Alexander Kunz

Tomasz Grzyb - Light touch

Light touch

Tomasz Grzyb

Sharon Mau - Earth Song

Earth Song

Sharon Mau

Tin Lung Chao - The moon

The moon

Tin Lung Chao

Maggie Terlecki - Angel


Maggie Terlecki

Dave Bowman - Legoland


Dave Bowman

Remi D Photography - Preening Symphony

Preening Symphony

Remi D Photography

Russ Vickers - White Vase

White Vase

Russ Vickers

Chevy Fleet - Cutlery


Chevy Fleet

David Pinsent - Dark Wine

Dark Wine

David Pinsent

Dave Bowman - Building Blocks

Building Blocks

Dave Bowman

Damijana Cermelj - Polished


Damijana Cermelj

Kenneth Laurence  Neal - At Rest

At Rest

Kenneth Laurence Neal

Kenneth Laurence  Neal - Moonrise over 57th Street

Moonrise over 57th Street

Kenneth Laurence Neal

Yucel Basoglu - All Alone

All Alone

Yucel Basoglu

Oscar Gutierrez - Calla Lilies

Calla Lilies

Oscar Gutierrez

Bahadir Yeniceri - Black Beach

Black Beach

Bahadir Yeniceri

Tomas Hudolin - Corridor


Tomas Hudolin

Chris Scroggins - White Lily Flower

White Lily Flower

Chris Scroggins

Dave Bowman - Office Corner

Office Corner

Dave Bowman

Newel Hunter - Boatyard Abstract 4

Boatyard Abstract 4

Newel Hunter

Chevy Fleet - Computer Mouse

Computer Mouse

Chevy Fleet

Justin Woodhouse - Contemporary Ivory Tower

Contemporary Ivory Tower

Justin Woodhouse

Alan Kepler - The Gentle Touch

The Gentle Touch

Alan Kepler

Larry Helms - Mystic


Larry Helms

Ian Good - Sigurdur AK17

Sigurdur AK17

Ian Good

Nikolyn McDonald - Eyeglasses - Spectacles

Eyeglasses - Spectacles

Nikolyn McDonald

Mike  Deutsch - Seven Layers

Seven Layers

Mike Deutsch

Tin Lung Chao - The pier

The pier

Tin Lung Chao

Dave Bowman - Between Towers

Between Towers

Dave Bowman

Alexander Kunz - Pyramids of Sand

Pyramids of Sand

Alexander Kunz

Dave Bowman - Ardvreck Castle 1

Ardvreck Castle 1

Dave Bowman

Lorenzo Cassina - Xj


Lorenzo Cassina

Tomas Hudolin - Morning Dew

Morning Dew

Tomas Hudolin

Ralf Kaiser - Muscles


Ralf Kaiser

Erin Tucker - Smoke Elemental #2

Smoke Elemental #2

Erin Tucker

Chevy Fleet - Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

Chevy Fleet

Sharon Mau - Water Lily

Water Lily

Sharon Mau

Amar Sheow - White Oleander

White Oleander

Amar Sheow

Ted Raynor -  Paraselene


Ted Raynor

Jerri Moon Cantone - Brown Eyed Susan

Brown Eyed Susan

Jerri Moon Cantone

Dave Bowman - Beech Tree

Beech Tree

Dave Bowman

Dave Bowman - Glass Tower

Glass Tower

Dave Bowman

Sharon Mau - Illumination


Sharon Mau

Alana Ranney - Delicate


Alana Ranney

Nyoman Ady sanjaya - Seger beach

Seger beach

Nyoman Ady sanjaya

Remi D Photography - Giraffe portrait

Giraffe portrait

Remi D Photography

Alexander Kunz - Concrete Paths

Concrete Paths

Alexander Kunz

Frank J Casella - Threshold - Monochrome

Threshold - Monochrome

Frank J Casella

Dave Bowman - Old Crane

Old Crane

Dave Bowman

Dave Bowman - Moon Light

Moon Light

Dave Bowman

Leland D Howard - Gold Beach

Gold Beach

Leland D Howard

Tom Mc Nemar - Tumbling Dice

Tumbling Dice

Tom Mc Nemar

Ralf Kaiser - Female Body

Female Body

Ralf Kaiser

Dave Bowman - Fowlsheugh Cliffs

Fowlsheugh Cliffs

Dave Bowman

Dave Bowman - Ben Starav

Ben Starav

Dave Bowman

Jeannie Rhode Photography - Gerbera Daisy Sisters

Gerbera Daisy Sisters

Jeannie Rhode Photography

Kevin Cable - Ratchet


Kevin Cable

Kristin Elmquist - Pianissimo


Kristin Elmquist

Frank J Casella - When Men Put God First

When Men Put God First

Frank J Casella

Dave Bowman - Duart Castle

Duart Castle

Dave Bowman

Tomas Hudolin - Cloud


Tomas Hudolin

Jeannie Rhode Photography - White Gerbera Daisy Corner

White Gerbera Daisy Corner

Jeannie Rhode Photography

Jeannie Rhode Photography - White Tulip

White Tulip

Jeannie Rhode Photography

Brenda Conrad - Craterous


Brenda Conrad

Jeannie Rhode Photography - White Gladiolas in Monochrome

White Gladiolas in Monochrome

Jeannie Rhode Photography

Tomasz Dziubinski - Wandering the Desert

Wandering the Desert

Tomasz Dziubinski

Alana Ranney - Lambs


Alana Ranney

Rona Black - Grace


Rona Black

Roland Krawulsky - Into the Light

Into the Light

Roland Krawulsky

Newel Hunter - Vessel 4 BW

Vessel 4 BW

Newel Hunter

Jennie Marie Schell - Sea Urchin Black and White

Sea Urchin Black and White

Jennie Marie Schell

Dave Bowman - Curved Window

Curved Window

Dave Bowman

Dave Bowman - The Wave

The Wave

Dave Bowman

Chevy Fleet - Filmstrip


Chevy Fleet

Jeannie Rhode Photography - Monochrome White Rose

Monochrome White Rose

Jeannie Rhode Photography

Brenda Conrad - Craterous 2

Craterous 2

Brenda Conrad

Jeannie Rhode Photography - Monochrome Gerbera Daisy

Monochrome Gerbera Daisy

Jeannie Rhode Photography

Alexander Kunz - La Jolla Milk Soup

La Jolla Milk Soup

Alexander Kunz

Jacque The Muse Photography - Painted Dreams

Painted Dreams

Jacque The Muse Photography

Jacque The Muse Photography - Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

Jacque The Muse Photography

Jeannie Rhode Photography - Sunflower in Monochrome

Sunflower in Monochrome

Jeannie Rhode Photography

Alana Ranney - Moon and Star

Moon and Star

Alana Ranney

Dave Bowman - Alley Lamp

Alley Lamp

Dave Bowman

Dave Bowman - Wynn


Dave Bowman

Frank J Casella - Communion


Frank J Casella

Frank J Casella - Forest Retreat

Forest Retreat

Frank J Casella

Dave Bowman - The RAI 2

The RAI 2

Dave Bowman

Sharon Mau - Stargazer


Sharon Mau

Brenda Conrad - Ferris Wheel Collage

Ferris Wheel Collage

Brenda Conrad

Dave Bowman - Beach Hotel

Beach Hotel

Dave Bowman

Dave Bowman - City Relief

City Relief

Dave Bowman

Dave Bowman - De Maastoren

De Maastoren

Dave Bowman