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Family Room Wall Art Ideas and Designs

Make your family room a comfortable and stylish place to relax and have a good time with one of our curated art collections. Discover great designs that match your family's personality and your home's decor. From black and white wildlife photography to mountain landscapes, there is a unique series of artwork that can help to liven up any family's favorite dwelling place.



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House Styles










Norman Rockwell

norman rockwell

Do Unto Others by Norman Rockwell Runaway by Norman Rockwell Shiner by Norman Rockwell Sunset by Norman Rockwell Bottom Of The Sixth by Norman Rockwell Tackled by Norman Rockwell Freedom From Want by Norman Rockwell

Black and White Horse Photography

horse, horses, black and white, photography

Majestic Spirit Horse  by AmyLyn Bihrle Friends V by Tim Booth Seabiscuit Horse Racing #3 by Retro Images Archive Out of the Mist by Ron  McGinnis Window to the Soul by Ron  McGinnis Conchita Cintron Holding The Head Of A Horse by Henry Clarke In the Water at Dawn II by Carol Walker

Wildlife Photography Black and White

wildlife, photography, animal, animals, black and white

Baby elephant seeking comfort by Johan Swanepoel Elephant with zebra by Johan Swanepoel Elephant affection by Johan Swanepoel Elephant Bull by Johan Swanepoel Gemsbok fight by Johan Swanepoel Young lion portrait by Johan Swanepoel Wet Baboon portrait by Johan Swanepoel

Kim Fearheiley - Photography

travel, words, typography, mountains, europe, flowers, airplane, beach

Ferris Wheel 2 by Kim Fearheiley Fruit Loop by Kim Fearheiley Old San Juan Puerto Rico by Kim Fearheiley Take A Ride by Kim Fearheiley Lake Norman North Carolina by Kim Fearheiley Final Approach by Kim Fearheiley Raspberry Heart by Kim Fearheiley

Vesna Antic - Abstract Paintings

abstract, rothko, colors

Nightfall on the Lake  by Vesna Antic White Lake Sunset by Vesna Antic Family Trees by Vesna Antic Reflection in the lake by Vesna Antic Lake by Vesna Antic Purple Morning by Vesna Antic Frozen Winter Lake by Vesna Antic

The Simple Life

rural, farm, simple

Three Amigos by John Wyckoff Fearless by John Wyckoff Buick Electra by John Wyckoff Great Western Malting by John Wyckoff Family Dairy by John Wyckoff Time Long Past by John Wyckoff Flathead Sunset by John Wyckoff

New Yorker Magazine Covers

new yorker

New Yorker March 29, 1976 by Saul Steinberg New Yorker July 8th, 2013 by Jack Hunter Tag Sale by Peter de Seve New Yorker November 17th, 2008 by Bob Staake The March by Abigail Gray Swartz The Laureate by Malika Favre Fall Library by Tom Gauld

Scott Listfield Astronauts


RV Dusk by Scott Listfield Men's Room by Scott Listfield At the Laundromat with Boba Fett by Scott Listfield The Runway by Scott Listfield The Parking Ticket by Scott Listfield The Coke Machine by Scott Listfield Under the Flight Path by Scott Listfield

Open Impressionism: California Desert

California, desert, impressionism, impressionist, landscape

Indian Wells by Erin Hanson Ocotillo Sky by Erin Hanson Ocotillo Gold by Erin Hanson La Quinta Palms by Erin Hanson Ocotillo Color by Erin Hanson Rainbow Sherbet by Erin Hanson Desert Garden by Erin Hanson

Open Impressionism: Red Rock Desert

impressionism, impressionist, red rock, desert, landscape

Reflections in the Wash by Erin Hanson Northern Rim by Erin Hanson Autumn Blues by Erin Hanson Drenched in Spring by Erin Hanson Cottonwood Shadow by Erin Hanson Sedona Scrub by Erin Hanson Monument Sky by Erin Hanson

The Cactus Collection

desert, cactus, surreal, landscape

Desert Beauty by Frank Robert Dixon Desert Bloom 2 by Hailey E Herrera Cactus and Yellow Wall by Carol Leigh Baja Landscape Number 2 by Carol Leigh Lone Saguaro by Chad Dutson Baja Landscape Number 1 Square by Carol Leigh Happy Cactus by Elisabeth Fredriksson

Enso Paintings

enso, circle, circle paintings

Enso by Julie Niemela Blue Brown Enso by Julie Niemela Enso 1 by Julie Niemela Brown Enso by Julie Niemela Enso 7 by Julie Niemela Enso 4 by Julie Niemela Eclipse by Julie Niemela

Tuscany Paintings: Guido Borelli

tuscany, landscape, trees, italy, quaint

la porta rossa sulla salita by Guido Borelli le persiane sulla valle by Guido Borelli silenzio by Guido Borelli il mercato del lago by Guido Borelli tra le vigne a Montalcino by Guido Borelli i girasoli nel campo by Guido Borelli passando sotto l'arco by Guido Borelli

Black and White Flower Photography

flower, flowers, photo, photography

Sunflower in Black and White by Endre Balogh Three Plumeria Flowers in Black and White by Sabrina L Ryan Flower Power Peace Lily by Tom Mc Nemar Flame Calla Lily in Black and White by Endre Balogh Lone Daisy by Harry H Hicklin composition with calla lily by Floriana Barbu Magnolia in Black and White by Endre Balogh

Landscapes: Kadek Susanto

landscapes, wildlife, animals

DIMENSIONS  by Kadek Susanto DOWN BEAUTY by Kadek Susanto SUMMER MOOD by Kadek Susanto BEAUTY AFTER DARK by Kadek Susanto EARLY SINGER by Kadek Susanto THE VIBRANT STORM by Kadek Susanto THE BONSAI by Kadek Susanto

Abstract Trees: Mandy Budan

abstract, trees

Summer in the Garden by Mandy Budan Standing Room Only by Mandy Budan View From Mazengah by Mandy Budan Early Riser by Mandy Budan After the Rain by Mandy Budan Sunrise by Mandy Budan Pine Sprites by Mandy Budan

Abstract Animalia

abstract, animal, animals

Taurus No 6 by Mark M  Mellon ANIMALIA Canis No. 7  by Mark M  Mellon Taurus No 3 by Mark M  Mellon Phoenicopteri by Mark M  Mellon Piscis 1 by Mark M  Mellon CAMELOPARDUS by Mark M  Mellon ANIMALIA  Equos No 2 by Mark M  Mellon

United States Map Designs

united states, map, maps

United States Text Map by Michael Tompsett United States Watercolor Map by Michael Tompsett The United States by Michael Tompsett USA Star and Stripes Map by Michael Tompsett United States Watercolor Map by Michael Tompsett United States Text Map by Michael Tompsett USA Watercolor Map by Michael Tompsett

Colorful People - Abstract

colorful, color, people, faces, abstract

I Think I Like You by Steven Scott Behind the Curtain by Steven Scott Garden Party by Steven Scott Max by Steven Scott An Eye on Spring by Steven Scott Shirley Whirly-Gig by Steven Scott Lilli Lilligrin by Steven Scott

Shades of Gray

gray, abstract, shades of gray

Looking Seaward by Carol Leigh Glimpse of Mist and Trees by Carol Leigh Building Blocks by Carol Leigh Lone Cormorant by Carol Leigh Wall Texture Number 2 by Carol Leigh Wall Texture Number 7 by Carol Leigh Metal Calligraphy by Carol Leigh

Mountain Landscape

mountain, landscape, trees

Space for Reflection by Chuck Pinson Road to the Mountains by Alexis Birkill Mount Moran on Snake River Landscape by Brian Harig Teton Drama by Andrew Soundarajan Wasatch Sunrise 2x1 by Chad Dutson North Carolina Blue Ridge Parkway Spring Appalachian Mountains NC by Dave Allen Old Man of the Mountain by Wayne Toutaint

Mossy Lanscape

moss, ferns, forest, landscape, trees, nature

Avenue of Oaks - Charleston SC Plantation Live Oak Trees Forest Landscape by Dave Allen Bridge Below Rainier by Chad Dutson Magic Mushrooms by Scott Norris Wahkeena by Chad Dutson American Jungle by Chad Dutson Green Seasons by Chad Dutson Emerald Dreams by Evelina Kremsdorf

Abtracts: Laura Lein-Svencner


Joy of everyday by Laura  Lein-Svencner Lonecrow Spirit  by Laura  Lein-Svencner Let Nature enter your body  by Laura  Lein-Svencner Last Days of Winter by Laura  Lein-Svencner In Balance by Laura  Lein-Svencner Honor Self by Laura  Lein-Svencner State of Growth  by Laura  Lein-Svencner

Panoramic Images


Fall Trees, Shinhodaka, Gifu, Japan by Panoramic Images The Original United States Constitution by Panoramic Images Northern Lights Over Thingvallavatn Or by Panoramic Images Night Memphis Tn by Panoramic Images People Outside A Baseball Park, Old by Panoramic Images Sunrise Over The Adirondack High Peaks by Panoramic Images Microscopic Image Of Brain Neurons by Panoramic Images

Vertical Landscapes: Phil Koch

landscape, field, prarie, outdoors

There Came a WInd by Phil Koch Once Upon A Time by Phil Koch A New Day by Phil Koch Dancing in the Rows by Phil Koch Lambeau Field by Phil Koch Sentient by Phil Koch Lifelong Memories by Phil Koch

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