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Billboard Contest 2021

How to Enter

1.   Create a free account on Pixels or login to your existing account.

2.   Upload three of your best images to the contest.   Your images can be in any medium (e.g. paintings, photographs, illustrations, digital art, etc.) and feature any work-safe subject matter.   All submissions are due by August 31st.

3.   Share your contest submissions on social media, and tell your friends and family to vote for your artwork on Pixels.   We'll provide you with a direct URL to each of your submissions.

4.   Each image that gets at least 100 votes will become a contest finalist and get featured on the Pixels Instagram account.

5.   On September 15th, a panel of judges will review all of the finalists and pick twenty winning images to appear on billboards throughout the United States during the fall and winter.   All billboards will be located near major metropolitan areas (e.g. Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, etc.)

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What You'll Win

Twenty lucky winners will have their artwork featured on billboards throughout the United States!

Each billboard will be at least 24 feet wide by 12 feet tall and will prominently feature the winning image, the title of the image, and the artist's name or preferred social media handle.

The billboards will be positioned in various cities throughout the United States and will remain visible for at least one month, each, during the fall and winter of 2021.

Additional Prizes

If any of your images pass the voting thresholds, below, then you'll automatically receive the corresponding prizes.   For example, if one of your images gets 375 votes, then you'll receive a free canvas print and a free t-shirt.   If another one of your images gets 44 votes, then you'll get another free t-shirt.

Canvas Prints: 250+ Votes

If one of your images gets at least 250 votes in the contest, then you'll get a free 24" x 36" canvas print from Pixels.   Once the contest is over, you'll receive a gift code which will allow you to upload any image via our upload & create interface and then purchase that image as a canvas print up to 24" x 36" in size.

T-Shirts: 25+ Votes

If one of your images gets at least 25 votes in the contest, then you'll get a free t-shirt with a Pixels logo on it in any style, size, and color of your choosing.   We have men's shirts, women's shirts, men's and women's tank tops, kid's shirts, and more.   Once the contest is over, you'll receive a gift code and a link to purchase your shirt.

Fine Print

1.   This contest is free to join.   There are no hidden fees.

2.   The contest is open to all members of Pixels.   You do NOT have to reside in the United States in order to participate.

3.   Each participant may submit up to three images for consideration.

4.   All media types are acceptable: photographs, paintings, digital art, illustrations, etc.

5.   By uploading an image to the contest, you certify that you own the copyright to the image and that you have the authority to license the image to Pixels for display on our website.   This license remains in effect until such time that you decide to remove the image from our website.   When you remove the image from our website, our license to display it on the website is instantly terminated.   Further, should you win the contest, you acknowledge that you will grant a license to Pixels to display your image on one of our billboards for a minimum of one month in 2021.

6.      You are not transferring any copyrights or implied ownership of your images to Pixels.   You are just granting us a license to display your images on our website (unless you remove them) and, if you win the contest, to display your images on our billboards.

7.   During the open voting phase, vote solicitation is allowed.   Contest participants may post links to their images on Facebook, Twitter, etc. in order to garner the 100 votes which are required to qualify for the juried voting phase.

8.   The jurors will select the twenty winning images from all of the images that received at least 100 votes from the general public.   The jurors' decisions are final and will not be influenced by the number of general public votes for each image.

Good Luck!

When was the last time one of your images was featured on a giant billboard for millions of people to see?

Here's your chance!

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