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Atelier EK January Silent Auction

Posted by: Elisabeth Kelvin

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Atelier EK January Silent Auction

You are warmly invited to participate in the third Atelier EK Silent Auction.

oil on canvas 180x190cm
by Elisabeth Kelvin

Imagine this hanging on your wall. Do you have space? The detail in this majestic painting has been described as extravagant yet intimate and pulsing with the sound worlds of acid jazz and free improvisation. The owner will be rewarded with a life time full of visual surprises.

Making a bid is easy: simply send a message stating your bid via E-mail:


Take a stab at it. You have nothing to lose. All bids are considered. The artwork will be delivered, anywhere in the world, to the highest bidder. You are also welcome to visit Atelier EK and get an up close and personal viewing of the art.

*You are welcome to visit Atelier EK and get an up close and personal viewing.

Further details:
All work is original.
Copyright @ Elisabeth Kelvin 2019


Recent Reflections: Supporting Living Artists.

Art gives when you ask it to give. To buy an original work of art has numerous desirable resonances. Though it may be historically referential and saturated with shared distinctions, art is new and unique. When buying a work of art, we engage in questioning the artistic value of authenticity.

The artist is paid when a work is sold. Maybe not much and almost never enough, but at least she is valued at the standard value measurement: money.

"Money dignifies what is frivolous if not paid for."
(Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own)

Through buying art the artist can then make more art.

"The thing that always worried me about art for arts sake, right from the beginning, was making these precious objects for special people... I still haven't found the answer. I've just had to live with it.”
(Robert Klippel: interviewed by Rosemary Madigan)

Picture this: How utterly thrilling! You have a freshly purchased artwork that provides a series of new experiences created out of one visual stimulus. If my art is interesting, a perceptive composition, holds elements of play and curiosity within its realm, if it challenges and enthuses, if it reveals a time/space relationship, if it creates new thought pathways, it is not just bought and consumed. It is , as they say a game changer. Philosopher Daniel Dennett uses a term intuition pump. Owning art is living amongst art and the capacity to slough off rusty, dusty thoughts and grow new ones is in the human experience defined by excitement. The bought art is allowed time to be looked at and into.

“When it is authentic art, you go into it, unlike kitsch, which goes into you.”
(Walter Benjamin, Illuminations)

Go to a gallery and see all the art. So much to see and never enough time! The closing hour, crowded rooms, and other art and non-art related activities can hamper the experience of living with a work of art. At home, walk past, sit down or have sex in front of, clean around, and share with friends your own art. Live with a work of art, unblocked. Art thrives in an intimate environment. It withers when not bought and looked at in the time needed. What better way encourages today’s aesthetic experience to flourish than to buy my painting for yourself or for someone you love? To buy an art work is to buy current events expressionism. Artist reflect the time, the zeitgeist.

“Art means New Art.”
(Arnold Schoenberg, Style and Idea)

What if the art turns out to be inferior or loses its ability to challenge and interest? Buy another! (And keep on buying mine, all the time questioning the artistic value of authenticity.) When placed in proximity artworks will chat with one another. Again, the nearness of each to the other will provide more than double the aesthetic experience. Placed alone, alternating in the space, the implied visual discussion will continue through reference.A purchased abstract art work is a wonderful thing if you are not an artist. Skills and abilities that are required for most successful people include patience, courage, intelligence, time management, integrity, inquisitiveness, perceptive analysis of situations, cooperation...Artists add to this partially complete list of skills; spacial perception, environmental sensitivity, extremely fine motor skills, social awareness, and an ability to make something, sometimes out of nothing. Physicists present a strong case to the world that nothing is really something and artists manifest this concept. How do we know this? Ask an artist whence their idea for a work comes. You can contribute to the artist expanding her skills through your purchase of this something

When a friend, love, or acquaintance wants to buy an artwork by a living artist, support her and, by doing so, the artist. No strings attached, no corporate sponsorship, no prolonged negotiations. Just get my art bought, displayed, viewed, and discussed. Then enjoy the rest of the time questioning the artistic value of authenticity. Art can give the best thing to everyone; it can change our frame of mind.

Elisabeth Kelvin, Vienna 2019

Abstraction in Elisabeth’s art is informed by her professional experience of music performance and composition. Personal - and historical - ideas regarding the differences and shared distinctions of aural and visual media are addressed, explored, and developed in each new work.

Further detail:
All work is original.
Copyright @ Elisabeth Kelvin 2019


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