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Figure Painting - Waking by Marcel Franquelin

Waking is a painting by Marcel Franquelin which was uploaded on September 10th, 2007.

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Thanks, Mark!


wonderful soft portrait Marcel.

Surprised at negative banter on this page! I love this- arent we here to encourage one another?

very nice

When there are thousands of paintings shown it really is something when one catches your eye and begs you to take a closer look.

Thank you for the joy of so well performed painting!

Absolutely incredible, Marcel!!! She seems so real that if I reached out and touched, I would feel warm flesh. Everything is perfect, lighting, softness, expression, folds in material. Everything!!! I feel there! Bravo!

Such a exquisite art work, kudos Marcel. I fully agree & second your opinion . Learned many things of Art History through your note above. I was treated in the same way...calling my art work as photographic, etc. Don't mind my English.

Beautiful soft light, lovely shapes and restricted colours. Thank you for being so eloquent above. Margaret's comment is the sort of thing I expect to recieve!! Maybe she should also read Hockney's book "Hidden Knowledge" which has some shattering theories on the practices of the old masters. Best wishes ... this is one of my favorites.

I think you're 100% right!! It is of artists like you that many of us can learn a lot!

And please, pretty please, work on your spelling! Its mediocrity does not help you gain any credibility... As a French immigrant leaving in the United States, I pay tribute to this wonderful, warm and rich welcoming country by respecting its language, not just its freedom of speech...

Art History showed us time and time again how wrong the critics proved themselves to be. After looking at your displayed artworks, I suggest you take a long look at the 18th century English Masters of landscaping and "scenes de genre", and you will then find out that you need to spend more time at the easel and less criticizing art that you do not understand. Above all, keep in mind that this site is a harbor for artists of all levels and all cultures, where we can freely share, encourage, help, etc, away for any self called intellectual artistic elite. I have nothing but the most profound respect for any artist displaying work on this site, as it takes courage and sincerety to do so. The world is more than hard enough on all artists...

No! it is a photographic enlargement. There is no artistic emotion. I feel no emotional conection between the subject and the artist.. It is a scene that we have seen a thousand times before. Technigue does not an artist make. A personal point of view, a compassion between the artist and his subject,; most important is the story, that is an artist. otherwise use a camera...

I will have, after taking a deep breath, to state a few facts: As entitled to your opinion as you may be, I am amazed at how restrictive and limited your opinion is; after 2 masters (one in Fine Arts, one in Art History) and over 35 years studying and teaching art and art history, I can offer you a few facts about which to reflect: 1- Many masters have been painting without brush strokes: Van Eyck, Bosch, Bruegel, Vermeer, Zurbaran, Courbet, Ingres, David, Chirico, Dali, should I continue? 2- the story is not where Art resides, but rather in the delivery; we could both prepare a play by Shakespeare and obtain different results on the audience; the content is the same, only the staging differs. 2- You seem to be confused as to what is photographic and what is not, so let me enlighten you about this: since the early 19th century, Realism has been a growing movement, lead by Courbet, Greuze,Rodin,etc. Rodin has been accused of casting his sculpture, as they were so "accurate". The concept of realism is not about photographic rendering, but rather about creating the illusion of reality; it is not about the truth, but rather the illusion of the truth. 3- As for photographic rendering, you must be reffering to the hyper realists, such as Chuck Close, Ralph Goings, Estes, etc. The purpose of their artistic concept differs greatly from the Realists, and I suggest you check the incredible works of Steve Mills, Randy Ford, etc. Realism, Hyper Realism and now Photo Realism have been the most rewarded movements since the past 20 or so years in Europe, as it takes most of a lifetime to achieve such mastery. In brief, if you think brush strokes are the only trademark of a painter, if you think mastering your sense of observation and glorifying the world of reality is not art, then your "opinion" saddens me, as it is, like so many opinions expressed loudly by so many unaware critics, limitative, restrictive, and, yes, largely uneducated. I would suggest for you to study the philosophy of art, by reading maybe great authors such as Faucillon, Burger, and also Johannes Itten. In the future, please do us all artists a big favor by trying to express your "opinion" in a less doctoral way, with more reserve.. But most of all, never be too sure of your opinion before really studying and broadening your contact with art. I personally, find it irritating to be told by opinionated people what is art and what is not. Art History showed us time and time again how wr...

This is art!

Well rendered, but to photographic for my tast. Loosen up on the brush strokes and turn it into art. I don't mean to sound so critical, but it is only my opinion. Best of luck.

Superb... Perfectly finished. back to sleep so we can wake again.

It doesen't seem like a pose, but rather a moment captured. simple and elegant.

This whole portfolio is amazingly THAT GOOD!!!

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