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Beautiful Roses



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Dawn Kori Snyder

Pacific Northwest

United States

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This group was started on March 4th, 2012 and currently has:

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Beautiful Roses

About This Group

This group is for those that love roses not only for their beauty, but also for their fragrance. It can be a tea roses, wild roses, roses that are photographed, painted, enhanced, sculpted, etc. Show everyone your best roses. No Nudity please.

In joy or sadness, flowers are our constant friends.
Kozuko Okakura

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Featured Images

Grace Iradian - Vintage Roses

Vintage Roses

Grace Iradian

Elisabeth Lucas - True Love

True Love

Elisabeth Lucas

Deb Halloran - Simple Beauty

Simple Beauty

Deb Halloran

Phyllis Denton - Pink Roses And Pearls

Pink Roses And Pearls

Phyllis Denton

Nick Kurzenko - Rose flower

Rose flower

Nick Kurzenko

Jennie Marie Schell - Three Roses Abstract

Three Roses Abstract

Jennie Marie Schell

JoDee Luna - Garden Angel

Garden Angel

JoDee Luna

Vesna Martinjak - Beautiful Roses

Beautiful Roses

Vesna Martinjak

Marcella Chapman - Orange Rose on Green

Orange Rose on Green

Marcella Chapman

Carol Cavalaris - A Rose Reborn

A Rose Reborn

Carol Cavalaris

Anne Gilbert - A Riot of Roses

A Riot of Roses

Anne Gilbert

Carol Cavalaris - Woman In The Rose Gown

Woman In The Rose Gown

Carol Cavalaris

Carolyn Parker - After The Rain

After The Rain

Carolyn Parker

Regina Geoghan -  Rose Bonica Beauty

Rose Bonica Beauty

Regina Geoghan

Lori Deiter - Love Blooms

Love Blooms

Lori Deiter

Lynda Lehmann - Unfolding Grace 5

Unfolding Grace 5

Lynda Lehmann

Rosanne Jordan - Loves Bounty in a Rose

Loves Bounty in a Rose

Rosanne Jordan

Janette Boyd - Pink Rose for Mom

Pink Rose for Mom

Janette Boyd

Terence Davis - The Beauty Of Rose.

The Beauty Of Rose.

Terence Davis

Inspired Nature Photography Fine Art Photography - Musical Rose

Musical Rose

Inspired Nature Photography Fine Art Photography

Lois Bryan - Falling Roses

Falling Roses

Lois Bryan

Dennis Buckman - Single Beautiful Rose

Single Beautiful Rose

Dennis Buckman

Debby Pueschel - Rose Gold

Rose Gold

Debby Pueschel

Karen Wiles - Love Letters

Love Letters

Karen Wiles

Debby Pueschel - Rose Beauty

Rose Beauty

Debby Pueschel

Terence Davis - Cool Candy Rose

Cool Candy Rose

Terence Davis

Doug Norkum - Profusion


Doug Norkum

Regina Taormino - Roses in Silver Vase

Roses in Silver Vase

Regina Taormino

Lilia D - Glowing Rose

Glowing Rose

Lilia D

Elvira Ladocki - 794-beautiful Rose

794-beautiful Rose

Elvira Ladocki


Pink and Yellow Rose

Tikvah's Hope

Tony Baca - Pink Rose

Pink Rose

Tony Baca

Jaroslaw Blaminsky - Unfinished tea

Unfinished tea

Jaroslaw Blaminsky

Claudia Moeckel - Three Times A Lady

Three Times A Lady

Claudia Moeckel

Carol Lynch - Birthday pink

Birthday pink

Carol Lynch

Corey Habbas - Just In Time

Just In Time

Corey Habbas

Susan Maxwell Schmidt - Pink Champagne

Pink Champagne

Susan Maxwell Schmidt

Vanessa Thomas - Thankful


Vanessa Thomas

Deb Halloran - Bouquet of Roses

Bouquet of Roses

Deb Halloran

Jenny Lee - Parade of Roses

Parade of Roses

Jenny Lee

Sarah Batalka - Vintage Rose

Vintage Rose

Sarah Batalka

Nick Boren - Stop and Smell

Stop and Smell

Nick Boren

Pat Yager - Glowing Rose

Glowing Rose

Pat Yager

Jessica Jenney - Rose


Jessica Jenney

Norma Warden - Orange Rose

Orange Rose

Norma Warden

Judy Vincent - Peach Cobbler

Peach Cobbler

Judy Vincent

Vanessa Thomas - Painted Rose Pair

Painted Rose Pair

Vanessa Thomas

Jena Suits - Simplicity


Jena Suits

Elvira Ladocki - Beautiful Rose

Beautiful Rose

Elvira Ladocki

Vanessa Thomas - Revelling Rose

Revelling Rose

Vanessa Thomas

Sarah-fiona  Helme - Floral Poetry

Floral Poetry

Sarah-fiona Helme

Doug Norkum - Beguiling


Doug Norkum

Judi Bagwell - Rose in Sunlight

Rose in Sunlight

Judi Bagwell

Vanessa Thomas - Sweet Rose

Sweet Rose

Vanessa Thomas

Wonju Hulse - One rose

One rose

Wonju Hulse

Cheryl Davis - Orange Sorbet

Orange Sorbet

Cheryl Davis

Vanessa Thomas - Be Gentle

Be Gentle

Vanessa Thomas

Nina Bradica - Fantasy Rose

Fantasy Rose

Nina Bradica

Shae Aja - Shine On

Shine On

Shae Aja

Vanessa Thomas - Rosey pair

Rosey pair

Vanessa Thomas

Dennis Buckman - Pastel Light Red Rose

Pastel Light Red Rose

Dennis Buckman

Irina Sztukowski - Paris Roses

Paris Roses

Irina Sztukowski

Nina Bradica - Elegant Roses-2

Elegant Roses-2

Nina Bradica

Erica Hanel - Ferris Wheel Rose

Ferris Wheel Rose

Erica Hanel

Doug Norkum - Frilly


Doug Norkum

Elvira Ladocki - Nice Rose

Nice Rose

Elvira Ladocki

Cheryl Davis - Portrait Of A Rose

Portrait Of A Rose

Cheryl Davis

Karen Jane Jones - Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

Karen Jane Jones

RC DeWinter - Crinkled Satin

Crinkled Satin

RC DeWinter

Carol Cavalaris - Soul Mate Rose

Soul Mate Rose

Carol Cavalaris

RC DeWinter - Silk Blush

Silk Blush

RC DeWinter

Greg Kopriva - Roses


Greg Kopriva

Lingfai Leung - Friendship Rose

Friendship Rose

Lingfai Leung

Darren Fisher - Live Laugh Love

Live Laugh Love

Darren Fisher

Bruce Bley - For you my Love

For you my Love

Bruce Bley