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Beauty And Purity Of Woman All Media Are Welcome



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R John Ferguson

Terre Haute, In

United States

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This group was started on September 17th, 2018 and currently has:

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Beauty And Purity Of Woman All Media Are Welcome

About This Group

Sharing the beauty of the female form. Respecting woman for her being.

Featured in: everyday wardrobes, swimwear, costumes, and fine art implied nudes and full nude backs are accepted.

No frontal nudes accepted and all frontal nudity will be rejected.

Monthly Logos:

September 2018 Group Beginnings: 'Tara' by Himself the elderly one
October 2018 Logo: 'Subtle Elegance' by Jurgen Lorenzen
November 2018 Logo: The Joy of Surfing Naked IV by Broken Soldier Art Collections
December 2018 Logo: Dancer with Shawl by Digby Merry
January 2019 Logo: Irina by Margaret Merry
February Logo: Temporary Ashley Doepke

Featured Images

Margaret Merry - Hiedra


Margaret Merry

Brian Wallace - Renaissance Wench

Renaissance Wench

Brian Wallace

Brian Wallace - In The Bleachers

In The Bleachers

Brian Wallace

Brian Wallace - Renaissance Maiden

Renaissance Maiden

Brian Wallace

Timea Kaplonyi - Sun Soul

Sun Soul

Timea Kaplonyi

Freddy Kirsheh - Eve


Freddy Kirsheh

Alan Lakin - Free Dive

Free Dive

Alan Lakin

Jt PhotoDesign - Lets Play a Game

Lets Play a Game

Jt PhotoDesign

Bliss Of Art - Ecstasy


Bliss Of Art

S Katz - Nude


S Katz

Joe Roselle - Monterey Babe

Monterey Babe

Joe Roselle

Tara Shalton - Green Eyes 5

Green Eyes 5

Tara Shalton

Alan Lakin - By the Pool

By the Pool

Alan Lakin

Lavender Liu - Babe in Arms

Babe in Arms

Lavender Liu

SurXposed - Amyn Nasser Photographer - Nude Julie Darling 0910

Nude Julie Darling 0910

SurXposed - Amyn Nasser Photographer

R John Ferguson - Pirouette 4

Pirouette 4

R John Ferguson

R John Ferguson - Wringing the Bell

Wringing the Bell

R John Ferguson

Broken Soldier - Moon Dance

Moon Dance

Broken Soldier

Jt PhotoDesign - Maternity Portrait

Maternity Portrait

Jt PhotoDesign

R John Ferguson - Nice Shoes

Nice Shoes

R John Ferguson

Richard Hemingway - A moment

A moment

Richard Hemingway

Melinda Dare Benfield - American Madonna with Clouds

American Madonna with Clouds

Melinda Dare Benfield

CSDewitt Buck - Outdoor Nude

Outdoor Nude

CSDewitt Buck

Tim Beebe - Scarlet Cloak 1

Scarlet Cloak 1

Tim Beebe

Mike Penney - Marian Squares 2

Marian Squares 2

Mike Penney

Steve Henderson - Blossom


Steve Henderson

Tim Beebe - Scarlet Cloak 3

Scarlet Cloak 3

Tim Beebe

Richard Hemingway - Tiki Bar

Tiki Bar

Richard Hemingway

Pechez Sepehri - Ushanka


Pechez Sepehri

Fotis Mouratsi - Symmetry


Fotis Mouratsi

Marcel Quesnel - Oops, Sorry

Oops, Sorry

Marcel Quesnel

Brian Wallace - Renaissance Sorceress

Renaissance Sorceress

Brian Wallace

Brian Wallace - View From A Hill

View From A Hill

Brian Wallace

Hartmut Jager - Mysteries


Hartmut Jager

Tim Beebe - Scarlet Cloak 2

Scarlet Cloak 2

Tim Beebe

Richard Hemingway - Light and shadows

Light and shadows

Richard Hemingway

Fotis Mouratsi - Vanity -Part 1-

Vanity -Part 1-

Fotis Mouratsi

Fotis Mouratsi - Salvation -part 3-

Salvation -part 3-

Fotis Mouratsi

Erin Tindol - Elbow Room

Elbow Room

Erin Tindol

Beth Williams - Sea Goddess

Sea Goddess

Beth Williams

Laura Lee Zanghetti - Summer Whites

Summer Whites

Laura Lee Zanghetti

Broken  Soldier - The Dressing Room

The Dressing Room

Broken Soldier

Tina Tudoric Ghemo - Ballet Dancer

Ballet Dancer

Tina Tudoric Ghemo

Eclectickle Art and Photography - Fiery Lady

Fiery Lady

Eclectickle Art and Photography

Erin Tindol - Soverignty


Erin Tindol

Richard Hemingway - Redhead


Richard Hemingway

Jurgen Lorenzen - Shirley MacLaine

Shirley MacLaine

Jurgen Lorenzen

Beth Williams - I See a Woman

I See a Woman

Beth Williams

Photoz2art - Mizz



Charleen Treasures - Kiss Me

Kiss Me

Charleen Treasures

Brian Wallace - Joh


Brian Wallace

Richard Hemingway - Rudys Treasure Chest

Rudys Treasure Chest

Richard Hemingway

Tim Beebe - Intrepid


Tim Beebe

Broken Soldier - You Are Not Alone    card

You Are Not Alone card

Broken Soldier

Broken Soldier - Blue Ridge Waterfall

Blue Ridge Waterfall

Broken Soldier

Broken  Soldier - Morning Shadows

Morning Shadows

Broken Soldier

Tim Beebe - Seclusion


Tim Beebe

Miro Gradinscak - Girl With Katana

Girl With Katana

Miro Gradinscak

Digby Merry - Dancer with shawl

Dancer with shawl

Digby Merry

Margaret Merry - Seated Nude

Seated Nude

Margaret Merry

Margaret Merry - Before the Class

Before the Class

Margaret Merry

Digby Merry - Mamin With Hat

Mamin With Hat

Digby Merry

Kathy Kelly - The Forgotten

The Forgotten

Kathy Kelly

Kathy Kelly - Madame Butterfly

Madame Butterfly

Kathy Kelly

Adam Long - Invitation


Adam Long

Broken  Soldier - August Dune

August Dune

Broken Soldier

Eric Nagel - Glowing Babe

Glowing Babe

Eric Nagel

Christopher Reid - Body Wash

Body Wash

Christopher Reid

Broken Soldier - Praise


Broken Soldier

John Haldane - Together in Step

Together in Step

John Haldane

Jt PhotoDesign - Reflection of Beauty

Reflection of Beauty

Jt PhotoDesign

Corinne Farago - Woman of Sudan

Woman of Sudan

Corinne Farago

Tara Shalton - Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes

Tara Shalton

Heather Burbridge - Reclining nude

Reclining nude

Heather Burbridge

Tim Beebe - Seclusion S C

Seclusion S C

Tim Beebe

Jurgen Lorenzen - Subtle Elegance

Subtle Elegance

Jurgen Lorenzen

Steve Henderson - Spirit of the Canyon

Spirit of the Canyon

Steve Henderson

Bliss Of Art - Happiness


Bliss Of Art

John Haldane - Beauty of Cleopatra

Beauty of Cleopatra

John Haldane

Michael Swanson - Cindy II

Cindy II

Michael Swanson

Gary Gingrich Galleries - White 11-Crop

White 11-Crop

Gary Gingrich Galleries