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Black and Red Trash Polka Inspired

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Black And Red Trash Polka InspiredTrash Polka can be made in Digital with Black and Red with Text if so desired. Made into collage, It is a fun way to enjoy art

Abstracts in Black/Red or Photos in Black/Red. No other colours. NO OTHER ABSTRACTS please read the rules
No gore, no kids, no nudes, No red sunsets. If the art is too dark or freaky, it will NOT be accepted.
Trash Polka Art is not obligatory, just an example of what is accepted. Black and Red or Red and Black must dominate and is the main focus.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Trash Polka is a tattoo style created by tattoo artists Simone Pfaff and Volker Merschky in W├╝rzburg, Germany.[1][2] The characteristics of Trash Polka tattoos can be a combination of naturalistic, surrealistic,[3] photorealistic motifs with graphic, lettering and calligraphic elements in mainly black & red.[4] Pfaff & Merschky's artistic collections and exhibited works are listed along with the history of how Trash Polka came to be.
Trash Polka is a mixed media form of tattooing that is created with various, non-limited components.[5] Detailed photo-realistic portraits can be displayed in conjunction with graphic elements such as large black areas, brush strokes and geometric or abstract shapes.[6][7] The tattoos are mainly in black and red, but other colors can be used as well.[8] It is often referred to the use of color contrasts known in the art, such as a complementary contrast, that creates the optical effect.[9][10] Abstract designs that are combined with realistic motifs is a key point of the tattoo style. It is common for lettering to be included in the tattoos with distinctive varieties of fonts. The majority of original Trash Polka tattoos are done as large scale pieces in order to suite the motifs and elements.[11]


TeAnne Pantony

Perth, WA


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This group was started on February 29th, 2020.