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Cups Mugs etc all mediums

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Cups Mugs Etc All MediumsCups, Mugs etc..in all mediums, all topics, with less restrictions opening marketing for everyone to post.

Welcome artist and customers. This group markets Cups, Mugs, etc.

Customers please feel free to contact any artist regarding style, colors or custom initials, etc.

Cups Mugs can have personalized letters/monograms, comments or a personalized favorite type of images.

An idea to the artist, images which have an etched appearance would make a great compliment to cups without have the extra cost of actually etching.

Cropped images are recommended. Image sizes 11 oz. 2700x1120 or 15oz 2719x1219 pixesl

FAA Artist's Group Rules.
1) Follow all rules.
2) By joining, you agree to FAA terms.
3) photos mostly so are questionable patterns.
4) Admin has the final say.
5) disruptive and violence of any kind.
6) no nudes or like images in support of OFFICE SAFE VIEWING.
7) no posting limit for now but subject to change.
8) no famous people.
9) art must by your own and not from royalty free, or paid for, images.
10) ARTIST GROUP MEMBERS: self promote by posting your name and SELF PROMOTIONS in the discussions area.
11) Cards with writing are welcome 3 days before holidays. see list below.
...these are the top main rules so also see the discussion are for rules and other information.
12. Add 10 image limit per day.

Contact me if you need something group or art related.

Be wonderful,
Group administrator.


Delynn Addams

Fargo, ND

United States

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Group Overview

This group was started on December 2nd, 2016.