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Digital Art And Ai ArtThis group is created to share AI/Digital Art (no traditional mediums). This group will feature five submissions daily, one weekly, and one monthly submission. Group members in the top 3 of any group-sponsored contests will have the winning images featured if the images are submitted to the group.

The group logo is 'Ship Shells and Star Fish' by Elaine Manley; please visit this link to comment like/favorite or share: https://fineartamerica.com/featured/ship-shells-and-star-fish-elaine-manley.html


1. Traditional photographs will be accepted if they are digitally altered in some way (a filter is considered altered). If the art looks like a photo or painting, the description of the art will need to include how the submission was edited digitally. This is to help me not to reject a submission that meets the rules. If it's just a filter applied, this is acceptable as being digitally edited. No traditional mediums are accepted unless they are digitally edited in some way.

2. NO NUDITY (full, partial, front or back). NO GORE. NO OBSCENITY. NO VULGARITY. NO SEXUAL IMAGES. Anything NSFW (unsafe for work) or unsafe for children to view will not be accepted. You can message me the link to your creation to see if it is acceptable before submitting it.

3. 3 images per day are allowed. I work full-time, so it may take a few days to approve submissions, so I'm limiting myself to 3 a day. I usually review this site daily, but if you notice a delay, this is why.

4. Beginners and professionals are welcome to join.

5. Any written words must also be safe for work or children to view. No obscenity, curse words, or attacks on any class of people, including politicians, are allowed.

6. Remember all submissions are approved at the discretion of the administrator. You can email any questions you may have as to the reason your image was rejected should that occur.

7. I feature 5-10 images daily, one weekly, and one monthly, and hold a quarterly contest for group members to choose the group logo. These images remain on the home page until the next round of features are posted. I leave up to 100 images on the home page so anyone browsing the page for purchases won't tire of scrolling through the images.

I look forward to seeing and supporting AI/Digital artists. I will try to follow anyone who joins and hope you will return the favor to me and anyone else who joins. This is not a requirement to be a group member, just a request. Let's support and promote each other! I hope this becomes an active and popular group.

Please consider joining my other group which accepts all mediums with the theme Waterfalls: https://fineartamerica.com/groups/waterfalls-for-everyone.html?tab=overview

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Wall Art

Feature of the Week ending 9/23/2023

Canvas Art

The top 3 winners of group-sponsored contests will be featured in the discussions for each contest. They will also be featured in the feature section below if they haven't already been a daily feature. They will no longer be featured in the group description since most have not been group members. I want to reserve this space for group members' special features.

Admin Pick for Let it Glow Contest:

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Group Overview

This group was started on October 29th, 2022.