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Ducks Geese And Swans Only



Group Administrator

Shoal Hollingsworth

Lake View Terrace, CA

United States

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This group was started on September 2nd, 2018 and currently has:

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Ducks Geese And Swans Only

About This Group

This group is for photographs, painting, etc of ducks, swans and geese only. Any duck, any goose or any swan, wild or domestic in any medium. Please be as descriptive as possible as to the species of duck, swan or goose. Please only upload 1 per day. I am looking forward to seeing all your work.

Per Wikipedia: Duck is the common name for a large number of species in the waterfowl family Anatidae, which also includes swans and geese. Ducks are divided among several subfamilies in the family Anatidae; they do not represent a monophyletic group (the group of all descendants of a single common ancestral species) but a form taxon, since swans and geese are not considered ducks. This means swans are welcome in this group.

Ducks are sometimes confused with several types of unrelated water birds with similar forms, such as loons or divers, grebes, gallinules, and coots. This means these birds are not going to be considered for this group.

Featured Images

AnnaJo Vahle - Sunset Swan Family

Sunset Swan Family

AnnaJo Vahle

Wes Iversen - Icebreaker


Wes Iversen

Eva Lechner - Garganey


Eva Lechner

Lori Tordsen - Mallard ducks

Mallard ducks

Lori Tordsen

Bruce Brandli - Cover Blown

Cover Blown

Bruce Brandli

Melissa Mendelson - Morning Commute

Morning Commute

Melissa Mendelson

Elisabeth Lucas - Look at My Wings

Look at My Wings

Elisabeth Lucas

Jim Fitzpatrick - Angry Duck

Angry Duck

Jim Fitzpatrick

Chrisann Ellis - Swan


Chrisann Ellis

Joan D Squared Photography - Reflecting Merganser

Reflecting Merganser

Joan D Squared Photography

William Tasker - Egyptians In The Grass

Egyptians In The Grass

William Tasker

TJ Baccari - Three Swans

Three Swans

TJ Baccari

Elizabeth Winter - 3 Swans A Wintering

3 Swans A Wintering

Elizabeth Winter

George Atsametakis - Ducks


George Atsametakis

Stan Townsend - Mallard Flight

Mallard Flight

Stan Townsend

Sue Harper - Wigeon


Sue Harper

Lara Ellis - Mallard Duck

Mallard Duck

Lara Ellis

Irina Hays - Ballet


Irina Hays

Miroslava Jurcik - Just Chilling

Just Chilling

Miroslava Jurcik

Michelle Tinger - Running on Water

Running on Water

Michelle Tinger

Dimitris Sivyllis - Three Swans and Three Ducks

Three Swans and Three Ducks

Dimitris Sivyllis

Rick Grisolano Photography LLC - Ring Necked Drake taking Flight

Ring Necked Drake taking Flight

Rick Grisolano Photography LLC

Cathy Lindsey - Swans Reflected 5

Swans Reflected 5

Cathy Lindsey

Judy Foote-Belleci - Lake Lingerer ...

Lake Lingerer ...

Judy Foote-Belleci

Kathy Braud - Geese at Riverside

Geese at Riverside

Kathy Braud

Steve Harrington - Serenity


Steve Harrington

David Cutts - Wigeon Wingspan

Wigeon Wingspan

David Cutts

Annette Persinger - Canadian Gem

Canadian Gem

Annette Persinger

Elaine Manley - Mute Swan

Mute Swan

Elaine Manley

Shoal Hollingsworth - One Leg Pose

One Leg Pose

Shoal Hollingsworth

Dimitris Sivyllis - Black And White Swans

Black And White Swans

Dimitris Sivyllis

Joy Bradley - Splendid Beauty

Splendid Beauty

Joy Bradley

Geraldine Scull - It takes a village

It takes a village

Geraldine Scull

Patti Deters - Four Swans Landing

Four Swans Landing

Patti Deters

Steve Gass - Four For Flying

Four For Flying

Steve Gass

Dimitris Sivyllis - Clitumno swan

Clitumno swan

Dimitris Sivyllis

Rick Grisolano Photography LLC - Blue Winged Teals In Flight

Blue Winged Teals In Flight

Rick Grisolano Photography LLC

Debbie Stahre - Wood Ducks

Wood Ducks

Debbie Stahre

Michelle Russell - Keeping hydrated

Keeping hydrated

Michelle Russell

Tatiana Travelways - Fairytale on Rhine River

Fairytale on Rhine River

Tatiana Travelways

Susan Rissi Tregoning - You

You're It

Susan Rissi Tregoning

Karen Velsor - Snowy Canada

Snowy Canada

Karen Velsor

Myrna Bradshaw - Mallard in flight

Mallard in flight

Myrna Bradshaw

Sonja Jones - One Eye Open

One Eye Open

Sonja Jones

Morris Finkelstein - Follow Me My Chicks

Follow Me My Chicks

Morris Finkelstein

Allen Trivett - Going, going, swan

Going, going, swan

Allen Trivett

Shoal Hollingsworth - Black Swan

Black Swan

Shoal Hollingsworth

Melissa Mendelson - A Swans Bow

A Swans Bow

Melissa Mendelson

Rick Grisolano Photography LLC - Greater Scaup Drake Taking Flight

Greater Scaup Drake Taking Flight

Rick Grisolano Photography LLC

Michelle Russell - Fowl play

Fowl play

Michelle Russell

Rob Wallace Images - Surf Scoter

Surf Scoter

Rob Wallace Images

Denise Mazzocco - Blackwater Swan

Blackwater Swan

Denise Mazzocco

Linda Howes - A close friend

A close friend

Linda Howes

Art Cole - Shoveler Jump

Shoveler Jump

Art Cole

Wes Iversen - Wild Goose Chase

Wild Goose Chase

Wes Iversen

Shoal Hollingsworth - Mallard Reflections

Mallard Reflections

Shoal Hollingsworth

William Rogers - Mute Swan

Mute Swan

William Rogers

Suzanne Wilkinson - Bottoms Up

Bottoms Up

Suzanne Wilkinson

Lavender Liu - Swan 1

Swan 1

Lavender Liu

Maria Keady - Duckling with Wake

Duckling with Wake

Maria Keady

Irina Hays - Curiosity


Irina Hays

Dwight Eddington - Preening pintail

Preening pintail

Dwight Eddington

Elaine Manley - Taking a Flying Leap

Taking a Flying Leap

Elaine Manley

Annette Persinger - Mirror mirror

Mirror mirror

Annette Persinger

Nadia Asfar - Swim Swim Away

Swim Swim Away

Nadia Asfar

Rick Grisolano Photography LLC - Northern Shoveler Drake No 2

Northern Shoveler Drake No 2

Rick Grisolano Photography LLC

Bob Phillips - Whistling Duck

Whistling Duck

Bob Phillips

Shoal Hollingsworth - Wet Mallard and Friend

Wet Mallard and Friend

Shoal Hollingsworth

Kathleen Bishop - Snow Geese with Coots

Snow Geese with Coots

Kathleen Bishop

Paul Martin - Morning Return.

Morning Return.

Paul Martin

Dwight Eddington - Preening teal

Preening teal

Dwight Eddington

William Tasker - Bottled Mottled

Bottled Mottled

William Tasker

Jennifer Robin - Shimmering Bufflehead

Shimmering Bufflehead

Jennifer Robin

Elaine Manley - Brownie


Elaine Manley

Morris Finkelstein - Hottentot Teal

Hottentot Teal

Morris Finkelstein

Beve Brown-Clark Photography - Duck Series - On Golden Pond - Wood Duck

Duck Series - On Golden Pond - Wood Duck

Beve Brown-Clark Photography

Dwight Eddington - Mallard drake

Mallard drake

Dwight Eddington

Rich Clark - Mirror Image

Mirror Image

Rich Clark

Jurgen Lorenzen - Northern Shoveler

Northern Shoveler

Jurgen Lorenzen

Susan Rissi Tregoning - Follow the Leader

Follow the Leader

Susan Rissi Tregoning

Judi Dressler - Preening Wood Duck

Preening Wood Duck

Judi Dressler

Gaby Ethington - Goose Walking on Water

Goose Walking on Water

Gaby Ethington

Mary Ann Artz - Preening Mute Swan

Preening Mute Swan

Mary Ann Artz

Sharon Karlson - Sunset Mallards

Sunset Mallards

Sharon Karlson

Mike Dawson - Backseat Driver

Backseat Driver

Mike Dawson

Dwight Eddington - Mallards flying by

Mallards flying by

Dwight Eddington

Sam Rino - Stupor Duck

Stupor Duck

Sam Rino

Debbie Stahre - Canada Goose

Canada Goose

Debbie Stahre

Mary Ann Artz - Tender and Mild

Tender and Mild

Mary Ann Artz

Janet Argenta - Mallard in Blue Water

Mallard in Blue Water

Janet Argenta

Elaine Manley - White Swan

White Swan

Elaine Manley

Morris Finkelstein - Female Wood Duck Perched

Female Wood Duck Perched

Morris Finkelstein

Steve Gass - Backseat Driver

Backseat Driver

Steve Gass

Maria Keady - Gliding


Maria Keady

Shoal Hollingsworth - Mallard in Flight 3

Mallard in Flight 3

Shoal Hollingsworth

Michelle Tinger - Flapping Merganser

Flapping Merganser

Michelle Tinger

Dwight Eddington - Sunrise swan

Sunrise swan

Dwight Eddington

Sonja Jones - Date Night

Date Night

Sonja Jones

Art Cole - Morning Swim

Morning Swim

Art Cole

Morris Finkelstein - Mute Swan Portrait

Mute Swan Portrait

Morris Finkelstein

Shoal Hollingsworth - Angry Father

Angry Father

Shoal Hollingsworth

Toby Luxberg - Canada Goose Head

Canada Goose Head

Toby Luxberg

Morris Finkelstein - Harlequin Duck Swimming

Harlequin Duck Swimming

Morris Finkelstein

Leslie and Mitch Anderson - Puffy Cheeks

Puffy Cheeks

Leslie and Mitch Anderson

Abbie Loyd Kern - Golden Earth

Golden Earth

Abbie Loyd Kern

Whispering Peaks Photography - Ring Necked Duck- Pair

Ring Necked Duck- Pair

Whispering Peaks Photography

Flying Z Photography by Zayne Diamond - Nature

Nature's Amazing Wood Duck

Flying Z Photography by Zayne Diamond

Joy McAdams - A Mother

A Mother's Love

Joy McAdams

Morris Finkelstein - Mute Swan And Cygnets

Mute Swan And Cygnets

Morris Finkelstein

Steve Harrington - As Christmas Nears 2

As Christmas Nears 2

Steve Harrington

Jaroslav Buna - Duck And Ice

Duck And Ice

Jaroslav Buna

Debbie Stahre - Autumn Swim

Autumn Swim

Debbie Stahre

Sharon McConnell - Three

Three's A Crowd

Sharon McConnell

Patti Deters - Mallard Rock

Mallard Rock

Patti Deters

Richard Bryce and Family - Duck Resting on a Red Bench

Duck Resting on a Red Bench

Richard Bryce and Family

Judi Dressler - Look out, here I come

Look out, here I come

Judi Dressler

Morris Finkelstein - You Jump First

You Jump First

Morris Finkelstein

Leslie and Mitch Anderson - Trying to Hide

Trying to Hide

Leslie and Mitch Anderson

Patti Deters - Wood Duck and Iris

Wood Duck and Iris

Patti Deters

Jaroslav Buna - Touch of Nature

Touch of Nature

Jaroslav Buna

Gaby Ethington - A Gaggle of Geese

A Gaggle of Geese

Gaby Ethington

Elaine Manley - Happy Mallard Duck

Happy Mallard Duck

Elaine Manley

Jennifer White - Marching On

Marching On

Jennifer White

Jouko Lehto - Mute Swan 1

Mute Swan 1

Jouko Lehto

Edgeworth Dotblog - Two Swans

Two Swans

Edgeworth Dotblog

Morris Finkelstein - Whistlers


Morris Finkelstein

Yazir Zubair - Duck


Yazir Zubair

Shoal Hollingsworth - Egyptian Goose

Egyptian Goose

Shoal Hollingsworth

Sandy Smith - Wood Duck in Gold

Wood Duck in Gold

Sandy Smith

Brian Wallace - Follow The Leader

Follow The Leader

Brian Wallace

David Cutts - Princely Pintail

Princely Pintail

David Cutts

Karol Livote - Trumpeter


Karol Livote

Steve Gass - Goslings Day One

Goslings Day One

Steve Gass

Patti Deters - Dreamy Swans #2

Dreamy Swans #2

Patti Deters

Michelle Tinger - Lifting Off

Lifting Off

Michelle Tinger

Karen Velsor - Hello Ladies

Hello Ladies

Karen Velsor

Jurgen Lorenzen - Ruddy Duck Male

Ruddy Duck Male

Jurgen Lorenzen

David Cutts - Stretching Scaup

Stretching Scaup

David Cutts

Maria Keady - Drip...Drip...Drip


Maria Keady

Micky White - A Mother

A Mother's Love

Micky White

Geraldine Scull - Mandarin on display

Mandarin on display

Geraldine Scull

Morris Finkelstein - Mallard Drake Portrait

Mallard Drake Portrait

Morris Finkelstein

Bob Phillips - Greylag Goose

Greylag Goose

Bob Phillips

Brian Wallace - Soft White

Soft White

Brian Wallace

Richard Bryce and Family - Swans on the Lake

Swans on the Lake

Richard Bryce and Family

Patricia Overmoyer - Six Ducks on a Log

Six Ducks on a Log

Patricia Overmoyer

Karen Velsor - Dancing Feet

Dancing Feet

Karen Velsor

David Brown - Ducks 03

Ducks 03

David Brown

Gaby Ethington - Mr and Mrs Mallard

Mr and Mrs Mallard

Gaby Ethington

Micky White - In Reflective mood

In Reflective mood

Micky White

HH Photography of Florida - Colorful Mallard Drake Preening

Colorful Mallard Drake Preening

HH Photography of Florida

Shoal Hollingsworth - Splash Down

Splash Down

Shoal Hollingsworth

Abbie Shores - How To Swan

How To Swan

Abbie Shores

Anita Faye - Goose Family

Goose Family

Anita Faye

Michael Riley - Ducklings Swimming

Ducklings Swimming

Michael Riley

Bill Swartwout Fine Art Photography - Indian River Bridge over Swan Lake

Indian River Bridge over Swan Lake

Bill Swartwout Fine Art Photography

Sabrina L Ryan - The Huddle

The Huddle

Sabrina L Ryan

Robert Bales - On Guard

On Guard

Robert Bales

Annette Persinger - Preening


Annette Persinger

Sam Rino - Acrobats


Sam Rino

Geraldine Scull - Ready for my close up

Ready for my close up

Geraldine Scull

Marcy Wielfaert - Duck Dust Up

Duck Dust Up

Marcy Wielfaert

Daniel Smith - Tundra Swans

Tundra Swans

Daniel Smith

Karen Sturgill - Swans at Chenonceau

Swans at Chenonceau

Karen Sturgill

Linda Howes - Sweet Swan

Sweet Swan

Linda Howes

Angela Davies - The Suitors

The Suitors

Angela Davies

Randy Matthews - Green Winged Teal

Green Winged Teal

Randy Matthews

Morris Finkelstein - Hooded Merganser Pair

Hooded Merganser Pair

Morris Finkelstein

David Cutts - Solo Ringneck Duck

Solo Ringneck Duck

David Cutts

Elaine Manley - Enchantment


Elaine Manley

Charles Hale - Duck in a Swamp

Duck in a Swamp

Charles Hale

Annette Persinger - The Duckling

The Duckling

Annette Persinger

Stephen Whalen - Black -Necked Swan

Black -Necked Swan

Stephen Whalen

Eva Lechner - Chiloe Wigeons

Chiloe Wigeons

Eva Lechner

John Franke - Wood Duck 3

Wood Duck 3

John Franke

Patti Deters - Graffiti Geese

Graffiti Geese

Patti Deters

Bruce Frye - Two Ducklings

Two Ducklings

Bruce Frye

Jennifer Robin - Nene


Jennifer Robin

Sharon McConnell - Canada Geese Bathtime

Canada Geese Bathtime

Sharon McConnell

James Peterson - Right Place Right Time

Right Place Right Time

James Peterson

Gaby Ethington - Following Mom

Following Mom

Gaby Ethington

Richard Bryce and Family - Proud Mama Duck

Proud Mama Duck

Richard Bryce and Family

Nadia Asfar - Ready for a Swim

Ready for a Swim

Nadia Asfar

Rob Wallace Images - Flock of American wigeon

Flock of American wigeon

Rob Wallace Images

Elaine Manley - Mallard Ducklings

Mallard Ducklings

Elaine Manley

Linda Howes - A Natural Beauty

A Natural Beauty

Linda Howes

Morris Finkelstein - Egyptian Goose and Chicks

Egyptian Goose and Chicks

Morris Finkelstein

Kae Cheatham - White Duck on Pond

White Duck on Pond

Kae Cheatham

Abbie Shores - The Two Cygnets

The Two Cygnets

Abbie Shores

Marcy Wielfaert - Curious Duck

Curious Duck

Marcy Wielfaert

Jurgen Lorenzen - Redhead


Jurgen Lorenzen

Tony Stokes - Swan in my paint

Swan in my paint

Tony Stokes

Maria Keady - Eight is Enough

Eight is Enough

Maria Keady

Tricia Lesky - Peaceful Pond

Peaceful Pond

Tricia Lesky

Lyuba Filatova - Mallards


Lyuba Filatova

Victoria Beasley - Show Off

Show Off

Victoria Beasley

Karen Plaspohl - Imperial Swan

Imperial Swan

Karen Plaspohl

Robert Bales - Mandarin Duck

Mandarin Duck

Robert Bales

Toby Luxberg - Start of the Geese

Start of the Geese

Toby Luxberg

Jaroslav Buna - Evening Bath

Evening Bath

Jaroslav Buna

Leslie Gatson-Mudd - A Little Sip

A Little Sip

Leslie Gatson-Mudd

Morris Finkelstein - Brant on Water

Brant on Water

Morris Finkelstein

Marcy Wielfaert - Let

Let's Fly Right

Marcy Wielfaert

Regina Geoghan - Wood Duck Beauty

Wood Duck Beauty

Regina Geoghan

Bradford Martin - Common Eider Young Male

Common Eider Young Male

Bradford Martin

Shoal Hollingsworth - Mallard in the sun

Mallard in the sun

Shoal Hollingsworth

Dora Sofia Caputo Photographic Design and Fine Art - The Birds By The Lake

The Birds By The Lake

Dora Sofia Caputo Photographic Design and Fine Art

Lynne Pedlar - Hello, World

Hello, World

Lynne Pedlar

Elaine Manley - Icy Beak

Icy Beak

Elaine Manley

Steve Gass - Stop Chasing Me

Stop Chasing Me

Steve Gass

Art Cole - Fall Flap

Fall Flap

Art Cole

Maria Keady - About to Land

About to Land

Maria Keady

Beve Brown-Clark Photography - Duck Series - On Golden Pond - Mallard

Duck Series - On Golden Pond - Mallard

Beve Brown-Clark Photography

Annette Persinger - The Redhead

The Redhead

Annette Persinger

William Tasker - Female Egyptian Goose

Female Egyptian Goose

William Tasker

David Cutts - Wood Duck

Wood Duck

David Cutts

Janet Argenta - Swan Family Two

Swan Family Two

Janet Argenta

Faye Anastasopoulou - Swan Lake

Swan Lake

Faye Anastasopoulou

Patti Deters - Mallard Flight

Mallard Flight

Patti Deters

Whispering Peaks Photography - Foggy Rest

Foggy Rest

Whispering Peaks Photography

Beve Brown-Clark Photography - Duck Series - Wood Duck - Morning Glow

Duck Series - Wood Duck - Morning Glow

Beve Brown-Clark Photography

Morris Finkelstein - Egyptian Goose

Egyptian Goose

Morris Finkelstein

Maria Keady - Swan Landing

Swan Landing

Maria Keady

DUG Harpster - Running Start

Running Start

DUG Harpster

Stephen Whalen - Wood Duck

Wood Duck

Stephen Whalen

JLowPhotos - A Bit Close

A Bit Close


Shoal Hollingsworth - Male Ring-Necked Duck

Male Ring-Necked Duck

Shoal Hollingsworth

Tim Richards - Midnight Flight

Midnight Flight

Tim Richards

Sarah Irland - Cabot Head Light

Cabot Head Light

Sarah Irland

Toby Luxberg - Swan

Swan's Start

Toby Luxberg

Art Cole - Lift


Art Cole

Geraldine Scull - Manadrin


Geraldine Scull

Nina Silver - Goose Garden

Goose Garden

Nina Silver

Robert Nickologianis -  Swan in Winter

Swan in Winter

Robert Nickologianis

Annette Persinger - The Swan

The Swan

Annette Persinger

Robert Bales - Morning Landing

Morning Landing

Robert Bales

Morris Finkelstein - Wood Duck Pair in Spring

Wood Duck Pair in Spring

Morris Finkelstein

David Brown - Swan Pair

Swan Pair

David Brown

Jo Jurkiewicz - Black Swan a Swimming

Black Swan a Swimming

Jo Jurkiewicz

Elaine Manley - Swans Dance of Spring

Swans Dance of Spring

Elaine Manley

Davandra Cribbie - Ducked Out

Ducked Out

Davandra Cribbie

Morris Finkelstein - Pink-Footed Goose on a Pond

Pink-Footed Goose on a Pond

Morris Finkelstein

Mafalda Cento - Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning

Mafalda Cento

Toby Luxberg - Gray Geese Landing

Gray Geese Landing

Toby Luxberg

Debbie Colombo - Muscovy Duck

Muscovy Duck

Debbie Colombo

Faye Anastasopoulou - Lake Fantasy

Lake Fantasy

Faye Anastasopoulou

Leslie and Mitch Anderson - I See You

I See You

Leslie and Mitch Anderson

Bruno Rivara - Young Swan

Young Swan

Bruno Rivara

Catherine Melvin - Heavenly Grace

Heavenly Grace

Catherine Melvin

Bob Phillips - Austrian White Swan

Austrian White Swan

Bob Phillips

Morris Finkelstein - Egyptian Geese on a Dock

Egyptian Geese on a Dock

Morris Finkelstein

Maciek Froncisz - Trumpeter Swan

Trumpeter Swan

Maciek Froncisz

William Tasker - Male Egyptian Goose

Male Egyptian Goose

William Tasker

Steven Ralser - Cape Barren Goose

Cape Barren Goose

Steven Ralser

Charlie Cliques - Sitting Duck

Sitting Duck

Charlie Cliques

Bruce Frye - Apricot Mallard

Apricot Mallard

Bruce Frye

Robert Bales - Golden Twilight

Golden Twilight

Robert Bales

Rebecca Finley - Rearview Goose and Egg

Rearview Goose and Egg

Rebecca Finley

Stephen Whalen - Sweethearts


Stephen Whalen

Tannis  Baldwin - Ducklings and Mom

Ducklings and Mom

Tannis Baldwin

Maria Keady - Chillin


Maria Keady

Patricia Banks - Mallard in the Shade

Mallard in the Shade

Patricia Banks

Leslie and Mitch Anderson - Blue Headed Beauty

Blue Headed Beauty

Leslie and Mitch Anderson

Lynne Pedlar - Stately Swan

Stately Swan

Lynne Pedlar

Alison Vernon - Penobscott Bay

Penobscott Bay

Alison Vernon

Tony Stokes - Swan shy Side

Swan shy Side

Tony Stokes

Alan Lakin - Mallard Drake

Mallard Drake

Alan Lakin

Regina Geoghan - Wood Duck Portrait

Wood Duck Portrait

Regina Geoghan

Eric Albright - Follow Me

Follow Me

Eric Albright

Mike Dawson - White on White

White on White

Mike Dawson

Liz Alderdice - Muscovy Ducks

Muscovy Ducks

Liz Alderdice

Toby Luxberg - Geese Flight

Geese Flight

Toby Luxberg

Elisabeth Lucas - Cute Baby Duck

Cute Baby Duck

Elisabeth Lucas

Morris Finkelstein - Snow Goose

Snow Goose

Morris Finkelstein

Linda Howes - The Twins

The Twins

Linda Howes

Sherman Perry - Happy Duck

Happy Duck

Sherman Perry

John Hughes - Gadwall Reflection

Gadwall Reflection

John Hughes

Joseph Rizzo - Bachelor Party

Bachelor Party

Joseph Rizzo

Kathleen Bishop - Glorious Snow Goose

Glorious Snow Goose

Kathleen Bishop

Robert Bales - Families


Robert Bales

Peggy Collins - Innocent Duckling

Innocent Duckling

Peggy Collins

Sharon McConnell - Autumn Canada Goose

Autumn Canada Goose

Sharon McConnell

Shoal Hollingsworth - Ruddy Duck 1

Ruddy Duck 1

Shoal Hollingsworth

Toby Luxberg - Gray Geese Flight

Gray Geese Flight

Toby Luxberg

Lynne Pedlar - Colorful Beak

Colorful Beak

Lynne Pedlar

Elaine Manley - Ruffled Feathers

Ruffled Feathers

Elaine Manley

Steve Gass - Shake It Off

Shake It Off

Steve Gass

Lynne Pedlar - A Raft of Ducks

A Raft of Ducks

Lynne Pedlar

Linda Howes - My Swan Love

My Swan Love

Linda Howes

Bob Phillips - Cape Barren Goose

Cape Barren Goose

Bob Phillips

Memor Spiritus LLC - Black Swan

Black Swan

Memor Spiritus LLC

Leif Sohlman - Two plus one #i1

Two plus one #i1

Leif Sohlman

Paul - Phyllis  Stuart - Mallurd Duck

Mallurd Duck

Paul - Phyllis Stuart

Debbie Colombo - Mr and Mrs Duck

Mr and Mrs Duck

Debbie Colombo

Morris Finkelstein - Mallard Drake In Autumn

Mallard Drake In Autumn

Morris Finkelstein

Maria Keady - Self Reflection

Self Reflection

Maria Keady

Flying Z Photography by Zayne Diamond - American Wigeon in Aerial Navigation

American Wigeon in Aerial Navigation

Flying Z Photography by Zayne Diamond

Lynne Pedlar - What

What's Up

Lynne Pedlar

Faye Anastasopoulou - Serenity


Faye Anastasopoulou

Trudee Hunter - Swanning Around

Swanning Around

Trudee Hunter

Jenny Revitz Soper - Man About Town

Man About Town

Jenny Revitz Soper

Morris Finkelstein - Canada Goose in Autumn

Canada Goose in Autumn

Morris Finkelstein

William Tasker - Flirty Egyptian Gal

Flirty Egyptian Gal

William Tasker

Rob Wallace Images - American Wigeon

American Wigeon

Rob Wallace Images

Randy Hall - Trumpeter


Randy Hall

Allen Trivett - Mandarin on black

Mandarin on black

Allen Trivett

Lynn Hopwood - Come Fly With Me

Come Fly With Me

Lynn Hopwood

Bob Phillips - Black-necked Swan

Black-necked Swan

Bob Phillips

Toby Luxberg - Gray Goose Wings

Gray Goose Wings

Toby Luxberg

Kae Cheatham - Pond Reflections

Pond Reflections

Kae Cheatham

Sandra Johnson - One Mallard Duck

One Mallard Duck

Sandra Johnson

Leslie Dobbins - Ducks in a row

Ducks in a row

Leslie Dobbins

Stephen Waycott - Morning Stretch

Morning Stretch

Stephen Waycott

Debby Pueschel - I Am In Charge Here

I Am In Charge Here

Debby Pueschel

Ray Congrove - Mother

Mother's Instinct

Ray Congrove

Mafalda Cento - Canadian Geese

Canadian Geese

Mafalda Cento

Elaine Manley - Just Resting My Head

Just Resting My Head

Elaine Manley

Ann Horn - Silent Beauty

Silent Beauty

Ann Horn

Sharon McConnell - Mrs. Mallard Takes A Dip

Mrs. Mallard Takes A Dip

Sharon McConnell

Leslie and Mitch Anderson - Playing in the grass

Playing in the grass

Leslie and Mitch Anderson

Mary Ann Artz - Swimsuit Season

Swimsuit Season

Mary Ann Artz

Faye Anastasopoulou - Swan Night

Swan Night

Faye Anastasopoulou

Denise Mazzocco - Beautiful White Swan

Beautiful White Swan

Denise Mazzocco

James Bateman - Fallish


James Bateman

Yazir Zubair - Duck


Yazir Zubair

Morris Finkelstein - Springtime Wood Ducks

Springtime Wood Ducks

Morris Finkelstein

Penguin M - Snow Goose

Snow Goose

Penguin M

Steve Gass - Gone Baby Gone

Gone Baby Gone

Steve Gass

Toby Luxberg - Geese Take Off

Geese Take Off

Toby Luxberg

Elaine Manley - Cygnets


Elaine Manley

Leslie Gatson-Mudd - Fall Reflection

Fall Reflection

Leslie Gatson-Mudd

HiAngelArts - - Above the Fray

Above the Fray

HiAngelArts -

Maria Keady - Young Canada Geese

Young Canada Geese

Maria Keady

Shoal Hollingsworth - Ruddy Duck 2

Ruddy Duck 2

Shoal Hollingsworth

Deb Vincent - Canada Goose

Canada Goose

Deb Vincent

Dora Sofia Caputo Photographic Design and Fine Art - The End of the Storm

The End of the Storm

Dora Sofia Caputo Photographic Design and Fine Art

Memor Spiritus LLC - Sunset Flight

Sunset Flight

Memor Spiritus LLC

Karen Velsor - Goose Pads

Goose Pads

Karen Velsor

Morris Finkelstein - Trumpeter Swans in Flight

Trumpeter Swans in Flight

Morris Finkelstein

Lori Pessin Lafargue - M Bost Duckie

M Bost Duckie

Lori Pessin Lafargue

Stephen Whalen - Follow the Leader

Follow the Leader

Stephen Whalen

Bobbie Moller - Nature at its Best

Nature at its Best

Bobbie Moller

Eunice Warfel - Swan Reflection

Swan Reflection

Eunice Warfel

John Wallie - Mallard Duck

Mallard Duck

John Wallie

Deb Vincent - Mute Swan

Mute Swan

Deb Vincent

Brad Allen Fine Art - Taking Flight

Taking Flight

Brad Allen Fine Art

Bunny Clarke - Muscovy Duck

Muscovy Duck

Bunny Clarke

Regina Geoghan - Canada Geese on Ice II

Canada Geese on Ice II

Regina Geoghan

Toni Abdnour - Seeing Red

Seeing Red

Toni Abdnour

Jean Evans - Duck


Jean Evans

Judi Dressler - Snow Geese Flight

Snow Geese Flight

Judi Dressler