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Florida Photography Enthusiasts This group is dedicated to photographers who want to show their photographs of the Great State Of Florida in all of it's facets. Nearly all types of photography are welcome, except photographs of human nudity, deliberate and / or premeditated violence or wanton animal cruelty. Photographic images of unlawful activities are also not welcome and will be removed as soon as possible after I become aware of them. As the administrator I do not define animal cruelty as the natural interactions between predatory animals and their prey. I reserve the right to remove any or all images that I feel portray violations of the preceding rules at my and only my discretion. I may also refer images of Human violence, unlawful activity and animal cruelty to the appropriate law enforcement or other legal agencies as appropriate in my opinion. I also reserve the right to add or change the rules for this group at my sole discretion.
Please remember this group is all about Florida Photography and should only include images created in the Great State Of Florida or be about some facet of Florida life.


Chris Mercer

Winter Haven, FL

United States

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This group was started on January 28th, 2019.