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FOLK holidays and costumes

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Folk Holidays And CostumesWelcome to the 'FOLK holidays and costumes ' group - national holidays, costumes, dances and customs of all nations of the world .

NOT all digital images will be published.

NEWS 12/01/2019!

1. SOON. PART3 of the CONTEST of the YEAR. ONE YEAR on the group’s homepage.
2. All December we break the rule of group No. 5 and add greeting cards and images with the text of congratulations.

NEWS 10/21/2019!

1. Welcome to NEW discussion:
'25 Clicks. No comments, likes or favorites. Do you have only 25 images? This topic is for you.'

NEWS 10/16/2019!

1. Welcome to NEW discussion '100 Clicks - Pay It Forward'

2. CONTEST 10/16/2019 - 10/24/2019. One of the three winning images will be on the group's homepage until 12/31/2019. ONLY FOR MEMBERS of the 'FOLK holidays and costumes' group.

NEWS 07/26/2019!

1. Welcome to NEW discussion 'Question-answer, announcements.'
Welcome to NEW discussions for the mutual promotion. ONLY for group members.
2. Update discussion 'Question-answer, announcements.' - 'Information for new members.'.

RULES ( Please Read This Before Joining )

1. All Images must match the THEME of the group and must be of high quality (with good sharpness).

2. Preference for images that are initially created with the hands of the artist, actually putting the image on paper, canvas or other material.
Digital effects may be minimal.
Please take a look at the images on the group’s home page. Your images should be consistent with the overall trend in terms of image quality and measure of their creativity. All submissions are subject to approval by my subjective opinion.If you received a refusal to post an image, then our views on life do not coincide. This fact is nothing personal, you will find a more suitable group.

Images that don't comply with the topic and the rules of the group will not be posted.

3. I add images once every two days at least. I can add images to the group but make it favorite any day.
You can always check if the image has become favorites in the 'Activity' tab on your page (on the left side of the page there is a marker 'Participants representing my work in their groups'). Participating members in discussions always have an advantage when placing images on the home page (under other equal conditions).

4. Members must have an avatar or profile picture.

5. This Group is designated to be for Work Friendly and Family Friendly art.
Not acceptable for this group:
- Images of violence
- Images with quotes or statements random alphabetic letters, words
- Greeting cards

Any member posting images that don't conform to this standard, will be removed from the group without notice.

6. Inactive accounts will be deleted without notice.

Finally: either we play by the rules, or we boldly break them. But if you break the rules, you must be sure that your work is of worthy quality.
Rule number 5 - sacred.

What do I mean by 'worthy quality'.
1. Good sharpness of image, сertainly.
2. I can write: your image should be unusual, spectacular, etc.
In the end, it should evoke a positive emotion in the viewer (delight, empathy, recollection of your own life, smells, suddenly tactile sensations, etc.)

Administered and curated by SurfArtTango (Marina Lisovaya).

Click here: cover image 'Holi Boy. Colorful. Series.1 Of 6' by SurfArtTango Marina Lisovaya


SurfArtTango Marina Lisovaya


Russian Federation

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This group was started on June 4th, 2019.