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Go Take a Hike Photography Group

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Go Take A Hike Photography GroupWelcome to all those that like to hit the trail! Short hike, long trek, day hike, nature walk - it's all good. This group is a place to submit your favorite images collected along the way - flora or fauna, birds, landscapes, the sky, the trail itself (who doesn't love a good trail photo??) or just interesting and unusual things found as you go.

Buildings and other man-made objects are okay, as long as they are an integral part of the landscape being represented. The NATURAL landscape should be the focus of the image!

People and pets/domestic animals should be represented in the same manner. It's okay if they are in your shot, as long as they are not the main focus of the shot.

There will be a weekly theme posted on Saturdays for the following week. Images you submit to the group are not required to follow the weekly theme, but those that do will be considered first for features.

One image per day, folks. As always, I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's work!

GROUP MEMBERS - There are some discussions open in the discussion board (where else would they be?!) - please feel free to jump in and participate!

WEEKLY THEME: From Sunday, August 18th until Saturday, August 24th the weekly group theme will be TRAIL SHOTS. I ask that your images depict a clearly visible earthen or gravel trail - no paved/sidewalk trails or any roads (including dirt). Just trails! As always, you may submit any image appropriate to the overall group theme that you'd like, but only trail shots will be featured for the week! Features may be rotated out regularly to make room for new ones.

HERE ARE THE WINNERS of last week's group contest, TREE PART CLOSE-UPS:

Photography Prints

Art Prints

Photography Prints

HERE ARE MY GROUP ADMIN PICKS from the same contest:

Photography Prints

Art Prints

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Larry Kniskern

Centennial, CO

United States

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Group Overview

This group was started on June 18th, 2019.