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Group Administrators OnlyThis group is for Group Administrators

Please contact the group admin direct with any personal or private group issues. For all other issues or queries, please click Discussion in the small tabs above and you will get an answer shortly


We do not accept images in this group.


Consistently good, helpful administrators will receive a badge to add to their homepage.


The purpose of this group is to help you to make your group successful. Guidelines and discussions of issues are presented here.


1. All groups must have a theme. We already have an area for all art to be uploaded to, it is called FAA.(or Pixels)

2. NO MONEY may be asked for in groups or contests

3. NO GENITALIA on the group logo or the featured images If running a nudes group, choose the images which are demure for your homepage and logo, for passing eyes.

4. THREE EMAILS MAXIMUM per week are allowed to your group members and must be pertaining to the group and not personal
If you send out personal or angry emails your group will be terminated without warning
If you send out spam your group will be terminated without warning
If you send out emails asking people to vote for you in contests here, or on another site, your group will be terminated without warning. That is what your discussions are for.
If you send out work that is not suitable for the group as per our site or group admin rules your group will be terminated without warning

5. RULES MUST BE CLEARLY STATED ON THE HOMEPAGE. If all members are submitting unsuitable work then look again at how you have worded things in your group rules. Don't chat on your homepage or people will leave not reading the rules. Keep them numbered and clear and concise

6. MEMBERS MUST FOLLOW THE MAIN RULES in your discussions http://fineartamerica.com/showmessages.php?messageid=260080
Group discussions are exempt from the image discussion rule and are allowed as per group admin requirements.

7. NO MORE THAN 4 images should be your own on the group homepage features area of your group

8. YOU MUST ADMINISTRATE THE GROUP Make sure you have time to administer new images at least once a month. If you are going away, please let us know in this group discussions area, or place it on your group homepage so we see it so we do not remove your groups.

9. Feature artwork by your members on the front page of the group (see Group Tips for recommended numbers)

10. Do not force your members to do specific actions to be a part of your group unless it is CLEARLY stated on your homepage before they join.

Group Tips

Do not be afraid to REJECT work. Members will not mind if you have clearly stated your criteria on the front page of your group. You may remove a member who is breaking your rules, at any time, by clicking on the members tab and finding them there. Delete the member from your group.

If you want to make large rule changes, discuss with your members in one of those two emails a week you are allowed to send out. Allow them to have a say. They will thank you for it later.

Remember, some people who buy, work in offices on exceptionally slow connections so they cannot load pages with huge amounts of images. Keep to 30 or under homepage features and change regularly. Your members will not lose their featured placement in the search. Being featured is a big thing and should be awarded as a big thing every day, week, or month. Not just adding all at once.

Featured images are helpful to the artist as it gives them a help in the search but that help is miniscule. They do not lose that point gained once removed. Once an image has been featured it has gained that small help forever.

Hold group contests. Suggestions for prizes can be anything from a feature on the front page of the group, to a feature on your blog here at FAA.

You do not need to empty groups of images or discussions. It does not help in any way

CONTESTS - Group and contest admin should realise that running group contests on the contests page as open voting is more likely to bring their members sales than closed voting but that it means members ARE ALLOWED to solicit for votes. If you have open voting you must expect solicitation and welcome it.
If you do not want solicitation for votes then please run a closed contest for members only
or even juried.

Comments on work should NOT contain your group link.....or any links

Always be available to your members for help around the site and with their images. Again, the more helpful you are the more you are mentioned and so the more visitors and members you will get.

If you are in doubt about any of the above, or need help helping a member in your group, please feel free to contact me direct

Administrators wishing to give up their groups

If giving your group for adoption or fostering, please contact your members in the first instance and ask them if anyone wishes to take it over.You may also delete the group.To have the group deleted, or to have someone take over the group, place it in the group discussions here https://fineartamerica.com/groups/group-administrators-only.html?tab=discussions
ADD Link to the group
Link to the person wishing to take over

Groups that have not had images administered (UNLESS CLUB GROUPS, TIGHTLY THEMED*, OR NON IMAGE GROUPS) for a period of 3 month without notice to myself, or in the groups admin group, will be closed without notice.

If you need help

1) Start a topic in the Discussions.

2) If you don't wish to discuss publicly contact myself abbieshores at pixels.com


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Abbie Shores

Manchester, Cheshire

United Kingdom

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Group Overview

This group was started on July 3rd, 2011.