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Kingdom AnimaliaIf it walks, crawls, swims , have 8, 4, 2 legs, or just a body, if it briefs, if it got skeleton, if its pre -historic or current, it all can go here.

I also be looking into expanding this group on pinterest :

And we now have a fb group:

If you post here, THE PICTURE MUST BE LABELED, of what it is (what animal it is and where the picture was taken), either in the title or description. Example : African Wild dog, Taronga Zoo Dubbo or Pacific black swan, wildlife, Australia, Sydney, Centennial park.

Pictures of animals, insect, fish...etc, can be from wild life, sanctuaries and zoos.

Please do not post thank you post in discussion. Instead if you animals come from Zoo, you can start a discussion , name the zoo, and post your pics there. If its a wildlife, you can write American, etc wildlife discussion and post your pics there if they been featured !!

Limit 2 per day !

Featured artists: January : Alana

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Miroslava Jurcik

Sydney, NSW


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This group was started on July 24th, 2016.