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Lavender Liu

High Point, NC

United States

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This group was started on July 22nd, 2017 and currently has:

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About This Group

Welcome to the ROAR group! Our group name stands for 'Realistic Oils, Acrylics, and the Rest'. We showcase realistic artwork in oils and acrylics as well as other mediums (watercolor, pastel, charcoal, graphite, color pencils, and mixed mediums). Digital art and photography are welcome. Fantasy art is accepted as long as it is in the realistic style.

Submit your best works. We will have themed contests periodically in the future. Please promote each other''s work by likes and leaving comments.

Who can Join?
Any member of FAA.

Submission guidelines:
Open to all realistic-style (non-abstract) art, including painting, drawing, digital art, and photography.
Nude & pornographic artwork will not be accepted.

Current limit of daily submissions: 1 per artist.

Group Name: ROAR
Group URL:

Featured Images

David Lloyd Glover - Autumn Glen

Autumn Glen

David Lloyd Glover

Margaret Merry - Abrucena


Margaret Merry

Steve Henderson - Woodland Dreams

Woodland Dreams

Steve Henderson

Phyllis Beiser - Crystal And Cherries

Crystal And Cherries

Phyllis Beiser

Pamela Clements - Home Grown

Home Grown

Pamela Clements

Slawek Aniol - Old Town #10 Warsaw

Old Town #10 Warsaw

Slawek Aniol

Steve Henderson - Taking a Break

Taking a Break

Steve Henderson

Lizzy Forrester - Duffy


Lizzy Forrester

Barbara Keith - So Cozy

So Cozy

Barbara Keith

Mindy Newman - Winter Wilds

Winter Wilds

Mindy Newman

Steve Henderson - Three Eagles

Three Eagles

Steve Henderson

David Griffith - Lady Theressa

Lady Theressa

David Griffith

David Zimmerman - An Afternoon  Shopping

An Afternoon Shopping

David Zimmerman

Sophia Corridon - Market Day

Market Day

Sophia Corridon

Phyllis Beiser - Look Sissy Bubbles

Look Sissy Bubbles

Phyllis Beiser

Margaret Merry - Calle Real Abla

Calle Real Abla

Margaret Merry

Mary Ann Artz - Proud Chinese Goose

Proud Chinese Goose

Mary Ann Artz

Misha Ambrosia - Grant and Ava

Grant and Ava

Misha Ambrosia

Thomas Blood - L

L'il Luna

Thomas Blood

Jeanne Cutler - Keep Peace

Keep Peace

Jeanne Cutler

Andrew Read - James Garner

James Garner

Andrew Read

Barbara Keith - Red Cloud

Red Cloud

Barbara Keith

Steve Henderson - Storm Maiden

Storm Maiden

Steve Henderson

David Zimmerman - More Tomatoes

More Tomatoes

David Zimmerman

Ildiko Mecseri - Art coffee

Art coffee

Ildiko Mecseri

Walter Israel - Debra and Diamond

Debra and Diamond

Walter Israel

Faye Anastasopoulou - Town Alley

Town Alley

Faye Anastasopoulou

Laurel Adams - Twilight


Laurel Adams

Margaret Merry - Lavanderos de Terque

Lavanderos de Terque

Margaret Merry

Mary Ann Artz - Beautiful Bluebird

Beautiful Bluebird

Mary Ann Artz

Barbara Keith - Airedale


Barbara Keith

David Lloyd Glover -  The Potted Garden

The Potted Garden

David Lloyd Glover

Laurel Adams - Winterberries III

Winterberries III

Laurel Adams

Nancy Merkle - Afternoon Light

Afternoon Light

Nancy Merkle

Trudee Hunter - Elegant Rose

Elegant Rose

Trudee Hunter

Leonid Polotsky - View of Prague

View of Prague

Leonid Polotsky

Susan Maxwell Schmidt - Field of Coral Poppies

Field of Coral Poppies

Susan Maxwell Schmidt

David Zimmerman - I Will Take These

I Will Take These

David Zimmerman

Ian Mitchell - An Angels Love

An Angels Love

Ian Mitchell

Steve Henderson - Contemplation


Steve Henderson

Barbara Keith - Patience


Barbara Keith

Tracy Male - Soul Blossoms

Soul Blossoms

Tracy Male

Maciek Froncisz - The Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman Pinscher

Maciek Froncisz

Christelle Grey - Board Meeting

Board Meeting

Christelle Grey

Anne Barberi - Pair Of Pears

Pair Of Pears

Anne Barberi

Barbara Keith - Ascendancy


Barbara Keith

Anne Barberi - Bountiful Basket

Bountiful Basket

Anne Barberi

Lavender Liu - Savor Life

Savor Life

Lavender Liu

Nancy Merkle - Autumn Mountain

Autumn Mountain

Nancy Merkle

Margaret Merry - Cuesta Chapiz Granada

Cuesta Chapiz Granada

Margaret Merry

Bonnie Mason - The Neighbor

The Neighbor's Barn

Bonnie Mason

David Zimmerman - Back to the Island

Back to the Island

David Zimmerman

Grace Iradian - Just Peony

Just Peony

Grace Iradian

Lavender Liu - Beautiful Dreamer

Beautiful Dreamer

Lavender Liu

Farideh Haghshenas - Bowl of Fruit

Bowl of Fruit

Farideh Haghshenas

Caroline Serafinas - Dear Journal

Dear Journal

Caroline Serafinas

Toni Hopper - Pumpkin and leaves

Pumpkin and leaves

Toni Hopper

Rob Corsetti - Red Barn

Red Barn

Rob Corsetti

Patricia Hiltz - A Summer

A Summer's Rose

Patricia Hiltz

David Lloyd Glover - Michael Jackson Showstopper

Michael Jackson Showstopper

David Lloyd Glover

Susan Maxwell Schmidt - Dahlia in Watercolor

Dahlia in Watercolor

Susan Maxwell Schmidt

Lavender Liu - Fancy


Lavender Liu

David Zimmerman - The Makings of a Pie

The Makings of a Pie

David Zimmerman

Lavender Liu - A Cat Called Dobby

A Cat Called Dobby

Lavender Liu

Ali Baucom - Missed the Bus

Missed the Bus

Ali Baucom

Susan Maxwell Schmidt - A Cozy Nook

A Cozy Nook

Susan Maxwell Schmidt

Lavender Liu - Chilling


Lavender Liu

Stephen Loyd - Moonlight Serenade

Moonlight Serenade

Stephen Loyd

Barbara Keith - Dynasty


Barbara Keith

Andrew Read - Elvis


Andrew Read

Nancy Merkle - Golden Summer

Golden Summer

Nancy Merkle

Bonnie Young - Succulents


Bonnie Young

David Lloyd Glover - Dawn At Saltmarsh

Dawn At Saltmarsh

David Lloyd Glover

Cliff Spohn - Jfk-justices


Cliff Spohn

Patty Strubinger - Yellow Mums

Yellow Mums

Patty Strubinger

Steve Henderson - Lady in Waiting

Lady in Waiting

Steve Henderson

David Lloyd Glover - Brentwood Park

Brentwood Park

David Lloyd Glover

Bonnie Mason - By the River

By the River

Bonnie Mason

David Zimmerman - Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays

David Zimmerman

Susan Maxwell Schmidt - Earl Grey in a Fine China Teacup

Earl Grey in a Fine China Teacup

Susan Maxwell Schmidt

CG Liu - Bees


CG Liu

Ian Mitchell - Barn Owl

Barn Owl

Ian Mitchell

Andrew Read - Old Friends colour

Old Friends colour

Andrew Read

Barbara Keith - Aplomb


Barbara Keith

Barbara Keith - Haflinger


Barbara Keith

Walter Israel - Quanah Parker

Quanah Parker

Walter Israel

Lori Pittenger - A Chef

A Chef's Muse

Lori Pittenger

Toni Hopper - Ride for the Win

Ride for the Win

Toni Hopper

Jennifer Campbell Brewer - Precious


Jennifer Campbell Brewer

Steve Henderson - Light in the Forest

Light in the Forest

Steve Henderson

David Lloyd Glover - The Little Painter

The Little Painter

David Lloyd Glover

Karen Wiles - Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay

Karen Wiles

Steve Henderson - Just the Two of Us

Just the Two of Us

Steve Henderson

Bonnie Young - Dandelion


Bonnie Young

Steve Henderson - Crystalline Waters

Crystalline Waters

Steve Henderson

Mafalda Cento - Au marche

Au marche' Marigot

Mafalda Cento

David Zimmerman - The Christmas Cabin

The Christmas Cabin

David Zimmerman

Bonnie Young - Ralphie


Bonnie Young

Victoria Beasley - Lilly water sunshine glow

Lilly water sunshine glow

Victoria Beasley

Brad Schulze - Sidehill Farmer

Sidehill Farmer

Brad Schulze

Sophia Corridon - Fishing At Lake Anne

Fishing At Lake Anne

Sophia Corridon

Kelly Mills - Horses Beauty

Horses Beauty

Kelly Mills

Henryk Gorecki - Malwinka


Henryk Gorecki

Janine Hunn - Her Yellow Hat

Her Yellow Hat

Janine Hunn

Patricia Hiltz - A Sunflowers Beauty

A Sunflowers Beauty

Patricia Hiltz

Barbara Keith - Malti-Chon


Barbara Keith

Jean Cormier - Knickers


Jean Cormier

Patty Strubinger - The Doberman

The Doberman

Patty Strubinger

Lois Bryan - French Poodle

French Poodle

Lois Bryan

Eva Lechner - Dahlia Text Art

Dahlia Text Art

Eva Lechner

Barbara Keith - Forest Jewels

Forest Jewels

Barbara Keith

Heather King - My Umbrella

My Umbrella

Heather King

Laurel Adams - Mary

Mary's Meadow

Laurel Adams

Margaret Merry - Rincon de Almocita

Rincon de Almocita

Margaret Merry

Laurel Adams - Sunbathing


Laurel Adams

KaFra Art - Blue Serenity

Blue Serenity

KaFra Art

CG Liu - Shrimps


CG Liu

Steve Henderson - Timeless


Steve Henderson

Louise Howarth - Spirit of the Woods

Spirit of the Woods

Louise Howarth

Phyllis Beiser - Bayou Rhythm

Bayou Rhythm

Phyllis Beiser

Barbara Keith - Trakehner


Barbara Keith

David Zimmerman - Hide N Seek

Hide N Seek

David Zimmerman

Steve Henderson - White on White

White on White

Steve Henderson

Laurel Adams - Daisy Dazzle

Daisy Dazzle

Laurel Adams

Andrew Read - Reflections


Andrew Read

Mindy Newman - August Pink

August Pink

Mindy Newman

Grace Iradian - Single Tulip

Single Tulip

Grace Iradian

Susan Maxwell Schmidt - Robin Song of Spring

Robin Song of Spring

Susan Maxwell Schmidt

Mindy Newman - From the Garden

From the Garden

Mindy Newman

Lavender Liu - Swimmer


Lavender Liu

Steve Henderson - Peace


Steve Henderson

Nancy Griswold - Going Home

Going Home

Nancy Griswold

Keran Sunaski Gilmore - St.Ives Harbour, Cornwall. U.K.

St.Ives Harbour, Cornwall. U.K.

Keran Sunaski Gilmore

Scott Pellegrin - Trust the Line

Trust the Line

Scott Pellegrin

Yuri Lev - Mourning Dove

Mourning Dove

Yuri Lev

Phil Pace - Aquilegia magic

Aquilegia magic

Phil Pace

David Lloyd Glover - A Visit to Virginia

A Visit to Virginia's

David Lloyd Glover

Steve Henderson - Morning

Morning's Glory

Steve Henderson

Steve Henderson - Stolen Kiss

Stolen Kiss

Steve Henderson

Lois Bryan - Honeycrisp


Lois Bryan

Louise Howarth - Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

Louise Howarth

Steve Henderson - Just Breezin

Just Breezin'

Steve Henderson

Steve Henderson - Quiet Contemplation

Quiet Contemplation

Steve Henderson

Steve Henderson - Magenta


Steve Henderson

David Zimmerman - Buon Pomeriggio

Buon Pomeriggio

David Zimmerman

Susan Maxwell Schmidt - In Strength, Beauty

In Strength, Beauty

Susan Maxwell Schmidt

Louise Howarth - Sweet as Honey

Sweet as Honey

Louise Howarth

James Temple - China Rose

China Rose

James Temple

Phyllis Beiser - Baby Catching A Wave

Baby Catching A Wave

Phyllis Beiser

Steve Henderson - Twilight Romance

Twilight Romance

Steve Henderson

Andrew Read - Gus and Woodrow

Gus and Woodrow

Andrew Read

Steve Henderson - Daydreaming


Steve Henderson

Steve Henderson - Serenade


Steve Henderson

David Lloyd Glover - The Road To Silence

The Road To Silence

David Lloyd Glover

Karen Wiles - How Great Thou Art

How Great Thou Art

Karen Wiles

Steve Henderson - Child of Eden

Child of Eden

Steve Henderson

Eileen Patten Oliver - Gloucester Block Party

Gloucester Block Party

Eileen Patten Oliver

Sarah Batalka - Jack

Jack's First Portrait

Sarah Batalka

Louise Howarth - Fruit Medley

Fruit Medley

Louise Howarth

Louise Howarth - Springtime Delight

Springtime Delight

Louise Howarth

Phil Pace - Branching Out

Branching Out

Phil Pace

David Zimmerman - Le Jubile

Le Jubile

David Zimmerman

Ian Mitchell - Umbrella Girl

Umbrella Girl

Ian Mitchell

Artful Oasis - Pastel Baby Doll

Pastel Baby Doll

Artful Oasis

Maciek Froncisz - Happy Puppies

Happy Puppies

Maciek Froncisz

Louise Howarth - David Garrett

David Garrett

Louise Howarth

Norman Gabitzsch - Dreaming of Summer

Dreaming of Summer

Norman Gabitzsch

Barbara Keith - Diamonds


Barbara Keith

Louise Howarth - Suncatcher


Louise Howarth

Steve Henderson - Stillness


Steve Henderson

Ian Mitchell - Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson

Ian Mitchell

Steve Henderson - Rhapsody of Roses

Rhapsody of Roses

Steve Henderson

Barbara Keith - Jewel


Barbara Keith

Louise Howarth - The Loyal Shepherd

The Loyal Shepherd

Louise Howarth

Margaret Merry - Amigos


Margaret Merry

Steve Henderson - Dandelions


Steve Henderson

Henryk Gorecki - Winter Brook

Winter Brook

Henryk Gorecki

Ronald Bolokofsky - Furry and Furrier

Furry and Furrier

Ronald Bolokofsky

Eileen Patten Oliver - Gloucester Nocturne

Gloucester Nocturne

Eileen Patten Oliver

Rob Corsetti - Pearls and Pink

Pearls and Pink

Rob Corsetti

Ronald Bolokofsky - Remembering Marilyn

Remembering Marilyn

Ronald Bolokofsky

Ian Mitchell - Chun Li

Chun Li

Ian Mitchell

Barbara Keith - Peerless


Barbara Keith

Anne Barberi - My Tools

My Tools

Anne Barberi

Sarah Batalka - Leather and STEEL

Leather and STEEL

Sarah Batalka

Joe Roselle - Desert Moon 2

Desert Moon 2

Joe Roselle

George Sonner - Mother Goose

Mother Goose

George Sonner

Ronald Bolokofsky - Three Amigos

Three Amigos

Ronald Bolokofsky

Rob Corsetti - Give Him A Day

Give Him A Day

Rob Corsetti

Michael Baker - Defiance


Michael Baker

Barbara Keith - Shere Khan

Shere Khan

Barbara Keith

Barbara Keith - Ghost


Barbara Keith

Michael Baker - Sweet and Sour

Sweet and Sour

Michael Baker

Anne Barberi - Pink And White

Pink And White

Anne Barberi

Ian Mitchell - Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

Ian Mitchell

Louise Howarth - Game Over

Game Over

Louise Howarth

Sarah Batalka - Freedom


Sarah Batalka

David Neace - Hard Knock Life

Hard Knock Life

David Neace

Barbara Keith - Valor


Barbara Keith

Ian Mitchell - Electric Guitar

Electric Guitar

Ian Mitchell

David Lloyd Glover - The Summer Room

The Summer Room

David Lloyd Glover

Louise Howarth - Ready for Bed

Ready for Bed

Louise Howarth

Louise Howarth - Snuggly Puggly

Snuggly Puggly

Louise Howarth

Louise Howarth - Blue Point Beauty

Blue Point Beauty

Louise Howarth

Artell Harris - Willow Creek

Willow Creek

Artell Harris

Barbara Keith - Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested

Barbara Keith

David Lloyd Glover - Red Flowers Garden Chair

Red Flowers Garden Chair

David Lloyd Glover

David Griffith - Princess Margarette

Princess Margarette

David Griffith

Zina Stromberg - Bird of paradise

Bird of paradise

Zina Stromberg

Eileen Patten Oliver - Getting Her Feet Wet

Getting Her Feet Wet

Eileen Patten Oliver

Ian Mitchell - The Virgin Mary

The Virgin Mary

Ian Mitchell

David Lloyd Glover - Sunlit Impatiens

Sunlit Impatiens

David Lloyd Glover

Rob Corsetti - Wolf Maiden

Wolf Maiden

Rob Corsetti

Mafalda Cento - Three Sandpipers

Three Sandpipers

Mafalda Cento

Barbara Keith - Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd

Barbara Keith

Ian Mitchell - Snow Covered Tryfan

Snow Covered Tryfan

Ian Mitchell

Barbara Keith - Opulent


Barbara Keith

Lavender Liu - I Love Books

I Love Books

Lavender Liu

James Temple - Flowers That Smile

Flowers That Smile

James Temple

Barbara Keith - Shire


Barbara Keith

David Lloyd Glover - Flower Blossom Welcome

Flower Blossom Welcome

David Lloyd Glover

Susan Maxwell Schmidt - Lost in Blue

Lost in Blue

Susan Maxwell Schmidt

Mona Edulesco - Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Mona Edulesco

Joe Roselle - Citrus


Joe Roselle

Tanya Filichkin - As Time Goes By

As Time Goes By

Tanya Filichkin

Maryna Borysova - White anemones

White anemones

Maryna Borysova

Barbara Keith - Callidity


Barbara Keith

Lizzy Forrester - Simplicity of Daisies...

Simplicity of Daisies...

Lizzy Forrester

Jill Lang - Cows Artwork

Cows Artwork

Jill Lang

Lorraine Baum - Purple Asters

Purple Asters

Lorraine Baum

Barbara Keith - Lusitano


Barbara Keith

Barbara Keith - Brawny


Barbara Keith

Dee Winslow - Droplets in a Row

Droplets in a Row

Dee Winslow

Ian Mitchell - Autumn River

Autumn River

Ian Mitchell

Henryk Gorecki -  Lubianka-2-River


Henryk Gorecki

Malanda Warner - Cooped Up

Cooped Up

Malanda Warner

RC DeWinter - Beauty on a Stalk

Beauty on a Stalk

RC DeWinter

Stuart B Yaeger - Mosambique Fishermen

Mosambique Fishermen

Stuart B Yaeger

James Temple - Tropic Dream

Tropic Dream

James Temple

Miro Gradinscak - Arabian Beauty

Arabian Beauty

Miro Gradinscak

David Lloyd Glover - A California Greeting

A California Greeting

David Lloyd Glover

Lorraine Baum - Not Your Mums Flowers

Not Your Mums Flowers

Lorraine Baum

Susan Maxwell Schmidt - Metropolitan Ballet

Metropolitan Ballet

Susan Maxwell Schmidt

Stuart B Yaeger - Move Em Out

Move Em Out

Stuart B Yaeger

Guido Borelli - Gialloblu


Guido Borelli

Pavitha Ashwin - Waves


Pavitha Ashwin

Lavender Liu - Girl in Purple

Girl in Purple

Lavender Liu

Glenda Stevens - Hound Dog

Hound Dog

Glenda Stevens

Susan Maxwell Schmidt - Come Twilight

Come Twilight

Susan Maxwell Schmidt

David Zimmerman - Eat A Peach

Eat A Peach

David Zimmerman

Jacqueline Whitcomb - October Night

October Night

Jacqueline Whitcomb

David Zimmerman - A Lady From Inman Park

A Lady From Inman Park

David Zimmerman

Miro Gradinscak - My Princess

My Princess

Miro Gradinscak

Sarah Batalka - Goin

Goin' For A Ride

Sarah Batalka

Yuri Lev - Florida Rain

Florida Rain

Yuri Lev

Lorraine Baum - Golden Forest

Golden Forest

Lorraine Baum

Lavender Liu - Angelic


Lavender Liu

Anne Barberi - Mark Twain

Mark Twain

Anne Barberi

James Schultz - Puppy Basket Drawing

Puppy Basket Drawing

James Schultz

Thomas Pollart - Indian Motorcycle

Indian Motorcycle

Thomas Pollart

Rob Corsetti - Reed Gatherer

Reed Gatherer

Rob Corsetti

Denise Harty - Fall Splendor

Fall Splendor

Denise Harty

Stuart B Yaeger - Boat With A History

Boat With A History

Stuart B Yaeger

David Zimmerman - Bellisima


David Zimmerman

Anne Barberi - Musica


Anne Barberi

Henryk Gorecki - The Shepherd

The Shepherd

Henryk Gorecki

James Schultz - Arabian Horse Drawing

Arabian Horse Drawing

James Schultz

Anne Barberi - Pitcher Of Health

Pitcher Of Health

Anne Barberi

Brad Schulze - Little Lady

Little Lady

Brad Schulze

Barbara Keith - Mastiff


Barbara Keith

David Lloyd Glover - The Man In Blue

The Man In Blue

David Lloyd Glover

Sarah Batalka - Pair Of Pears

Pair Of Pears

Sarah Batalka

David Lloyd Glover -  Sunbench Hotel Bel-air

Sunbench Hotel Bel-air

David Lloyd Glover

Carlos Frey - Older Man with Hat

Older Man with Hat

Carlos Frey

Mafalda Cento - You are my world

You are my world

Mafalda Cento

Sonja Jones - What Lies Beyond

What Lies Beyond

Sonja Jones

Miro Gradinscak - Scout


Miro Gradinscak

Jacqueline Whitcomb - Purrfectly Content

Purrfectly Content

Jacqueline Whitcomb

Sonja Jones - What

What's the Buzz?

Sonja Jones

Joe Roselle - Monterey Babe

Monterey Babe

Joe Roselle

Stuart B Yaeger - Directions


Stuart B Yaeger

Barbara Keith - Selle Francaise

Selle Francaise

Barbara Keith

Lavender Liu - Violinist 1

Violinist 1

Lavender Liu

Lavender Liu - Violinist 2

Violinist 2

Lavender Liu