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Surfaces and Textures

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Surfaces And TexturesThis group’s scope is surface structures, details, shapes, and textures as the SUBJECT of the image – photography only.

NO layered textures or graphic images and created graphic designs will be accepted.

SCOPE: PHOTOGRAPHY ONLY - The artistry and composition of the surface and texture ITSELF is our major theme – not the thing being photographed. The composition of the image showcases the texture and surface.

Images where the focus appears to be a landscape, flower, street scene, people, and similar things are out of scope of the group. Generally broad views of buildings, streets, and landscapes will not be accepted. We are more interested in the actual surface of a thing - it should be rough, spiky, bumpy, ripply, etc. If a building view is just showing a building, it is out of scope.

The host makes the final decision. Recent featured images are the indication of the group scope.

Where can surfaces and textures be seen? In the grain patterns of wood, the surface of stones, crystals of snow and ice, water, fabric, metal, leaves, sand, woven objects, clouds. Included are built architecture surfaces and the urban decay surfaces such as rust and decay where scratches and dents create surface structure, texture, detail, and colour. Textures can occur at all levels – including aerial photography.


Marilyn Cornwell

Grimsby, ON


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Group Overview

This group was started on February 28th, 2020.