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The Space Between



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James Temple

Kualapuu, HI

United States

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This group was started on July 7th, 2010 and currently has:

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The Space Between

About This Group

This is a place that's full of surprises, welcome to The Space Between. The Space Between is a place where the mind meets imagination. Imagination is important but when I look at your work, I also look for artistic design which encapsulates creativity, feeling, question and answer, and newness. I also look for creativity in the title and the description of your work.

Artistic design is both inspiring and motivating. There is not a definitive right or wrong when thinking about art and design. Further it is even harder to qualify what makes something “good” or “bad.” What makes design or art good is often a matter of opinion. Art, and design, are in the eye of the beholder. As Administrator of this group, I allow art and design to coexist.

I have the pleasure of featuring a maximum of 30 images. They represent the quality of work created by the members in this group and are usually changed daily as new work is submitted. A maximum of 4 images will be featured on this page by any one artist. The image limit per day per member is 1.

Do not submit images in poor taste or any nudity, they will be removed! As Administrator of this group, I reserve the right to remove any image that I feel is not appropriate without notice to the artist, so be selective, and please be creative.

Featured Images

Andrei Kuznetsov - Soviet field binoculars.

Soviet field binoculars.

Andrei Kuznetsov

Nina Stavlund - Quiet Morning..

Quiet Morning..

Nina Stavlund

Andy Za - Red moon.

Red moon.

Andy Za

Jim Love - Watercress


Jim Love

Heidi Fickinger - Unsprung


Heidi Fickinger

Trudee Hunter - Pelican Heaven.

Pelican Heaven.

Trudee Hunter

Grace Iradian - Big Cat

Big Cat

Grace Iradian

Shirley Sykes Bracken - Feather Light

Feather Light

Shirley Sykes Bracken

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Sun Beached

Sun Beached

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Vitaly Mishurovsky - Exper


Vitaly Mishurovsky

Walter Oliver Neal - Wiz Khalifa 1

Wiz Khalifa 1

Walter Oliver Neal

Amalia Suruceanu - Reading_1


Amalia Suruceanu

John Hintz - Irma


John Hintz

Irmgard Schoendorf Welch - 2956 Big City Confusion 2019

2956 Big City Confusion 2019

Irmgard Schoendorf Welch

Petros Yiannakas - Golden


Petros Yiannakas

Galina Lavrova - Exquisiteness


Galina Lavrova

Don Champlin - Lines in the Sand

Lines in the Sand

Don Champlin

Alexander Vinogradov - Beauty For Foodie.

Beauty For Foodie.

Alexander Vinogradov

Alana Thrower - A Creek Runs Through

A Creek Runs Through

Alana Thrower

Susan Maxwell Schmidt - Parasomnia


Susan Maxwell Schmidt

Denise Clark - Car Park Graffiti

Car Park Graffiti

Denise Clark