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Trick And Treat Of Nature

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Trick And Treat Of NatureTATON Group

Nature Offers us many beautiful subject matters to enjoy some are glorious scenic views, plants, trees, sky, seasons and insects and birds.

But for this Group it is narrowed down to trees, sky, scenic views, flowers, butterflies and bees. Scenic views are mountains, farm land, Parks, etc.
Any flowers, trees, sky or bees and butterflies and let's not forget the birds.
All the wonderful Seasons.
Submissions 3 - 4 a day
There will be featured works.
The work may consist of all mediums
I would like to see the most unique and different subjects presented differently as possible but all beautiful work is welcome. Including Abstract work reflecting scenes of nature.
We will respect one another and L/F and promote as often as possible

Just stick the theme and let's make this a fun and joyful experience for all.
As we move on with the group I am sure there will be more request on what to do and what not to do. Please bear with me during the starting of this group.

It is not necessary to thank you but it would be appreciated if you take time to visit my shop and comment on the works you like there. I will set up a Discussion Page for ALL Thanks and discussion topics where we may like, favor and promote one another.

We will be known as the TATONG Group so as to shorten the title to a reasonable length.
All Members are expected to follow the few rules listed here and submit the content explained above.
Blessings Always, Debra

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Debra Lynch

Monrovia, MD

United States

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Group Overview

This group was started on February 24th, 2020.