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Tucson and Southern Arizona

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Tucson And Southern ArizonaThis group is to celebrate beautiful Tucson and southern Arizona. I find Tucson to be one of the most scenic cities in the US. This is a fairly new group with some tweaks here and there. I try to be very hands on with it. Please bear with me as I make adjustments to have an environment I can manage properly conducive to exposure of the region and is engaging for our members.

***Upload limit is now 2 per day***


1. Images and artworks of the Tucson area and southern Arizona are acceptable and encouraged as long as they are of good quality, not obscene or pornographic, or feature death or violence in any way!

2. Photos and artwork depicting Tucson or its immediate surroundings, and referenced as such in the description and tags, will get priority for features.

I will feature as many works as I can (about 25-35 at a time, depending on volume), clearing out old ones to make room for the new ones. Feel free to submit works depicting all Southern Arizona; just understand I may not feature them all. I have lowered the daily submission limit to 2 to account for increased volume.

3. I will accept works generally depicting southern Arizona (Yuma, Pima, Santa Cruz, Cochise, Graham,and Pinal Counties - rural Maricopa County is okay too, please no metro Phoenix). Please try indicate in your descriptions or tags how it is related to southern Arizona. I will also accept imaginative artworks of artists living in southern Arizona that don't represent any real location, but they might not be featured. Wildlife is okay as long as its representative can of the desert and shows no violence/killing/etc. All accepted works will remain in the the group's 'Images' page permanently.

**To be clear**

-Your work must depict southern Arizona in some way to be featured. I feature frequently if the work is good and want our contributors to have their work seen. Features may fall off the front page somewhat rapidly due to an increase in volume of submissions - however, I plan to archive my favorite work that was featured by each contributor in one way or another in the discussions.
-Imaginative works of local artists not representing southern Arizona in some way will probably be accepted but not be featured.
-Work depicting real life places not related to southern Arizona will be rejected.

4. Please use the ***Thank You**** thread vs posting a new discussion for thank you's, and feel free to engage in discussions. FAA uses many algorithms to get eye balls to our work. Promoting eachother's work (liking, favoriting, commenting, etc) is one of the best ways to help work move up through searches.

5. Happy submitting!



~Southern Arizona Sunsets~ (February, 2019)

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2nd Place (3-way tie for votes)

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Photography Prints

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Chance Kafka

Tucson, Arizona

United States

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This group was started on January 18th, 2019.