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Wall Art For Home And BusinessArt exists everywhere, in our environment, buildings, homes, and even objects at our disposal. It is not limited to a painting, sculpture, photograph, or a mixed media. For instance; the color, design, organization, pattern, shape, and overall composition of an object provides art in simple and complex ways as perceived by the person looking at it. This object can be converted to wall art by being photograph, manipulated digitally, and printed on a canvas. Thus a person can have wall art in an instance. Of course, there are many sources for wall art such as paintings and metal objects, and not limited to photographs printed on a canvas.

Wall is one of the best places where art is placed. It enhances the aesthetic beauty of the place and serves as a centerpiece for the human eye. Majority of business establishments and homes have one or more wall art. Most commonly, paintings and photograph serve the purpose of wall art, but it is not limited to that in this day and age. We learned through our existence that it is a common tradition to have art on the wall. This is a group that can provide that (wall art).

ARTISTS: Do you foresee your artwork in the lobby, reception, conference hall, homes, hallway or cubicle areas? If your answer is YES, then JOIN us. Any medium (digital, photograph, metal, painting, etc..) is acceptable. 1 submission per day (not every submission will be featured in the home page).

BUYERS and ART COLLECTORS: The administrator understands the precious time and valuable effort that you exerted in choosing an artwork. Aside from the featured images, you can click on the image and member tabs to explore more artwork and get to know the artist behind the image that you've chosen.

Barroa Artworks (Group Administrator)


Barroa Artworks

San Francisco, CA

United States

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This group was started on March 19th, 2015.