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Happy Days Framed Print

Framed Print

Happy Days


Cloud Sailers Metal Print

Metal Print

Cloud Sailers


Little Safari Parade Canvas Print

Canvas Print

Little Safari Parade


A Little Breeze Wood Print

Wood Print

A Little Breeze


Whale Song Framed Print

Framed Print

Whale Song


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From cuddly creatures to outer space, explore a collection of amazing art curated just for kids.

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Bri Buckley

Bri is a self-taught artist who experiments with a wide range of styles and techniques to achieve his distinctive look. His charming and colorful cityscapes, landscapes, animal portraits and abstract works are rendered using paint, watercolors, scraps of paper and a sprinkle of magic.

Road Trip Art Print
Little Story Time Art Print
Little Pets Art Print
Happy Days Art Print
Whale Song Art Print
Little Safari Parade Art Print
Cloud Sailers Art Print
A Little Breeze Art Print
Native Headdress Art Print
Giraffe Days Lets Tandem Art Print
The Headdress Art Print
Headdress Art Print
The Native Headdress Art Print
Little Pig Art Print
Native Feathers Art Print
The Solar Collector Art Print
In Nature Bear Art Print
Feathers Art Print

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Arthur - Frisco, TX

"My wife and I are in love with our son's new bedroom decor. Pixels is simply the best site foir kid's art."

Maddie - Roslyn, NY

"Look no further if you want great kids room decor from some amazingly talented artists!"