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Giada Rossi - Artist

About Giada Rossi

Learn more about Giada Rossi from Padua, PD - Italy.

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Welcome to my world!

My pseudonym ‘Giada Rossi’/RGiada translated from Italian means ‘reds jade’. The red jade stone has the properties of overcoming battles, blocking negative energy and helping to realize a peaceful life. I’ve used the plural ‘reds’ to reflect my multi-faceted approach to my art and use of color.
This closely mirrors my kinship with art. I have been immersing myself in creative expression as a form of personal healing as an artist for over ten years. Because this is an intensely personal journey, my artworks embrace and embody my own awakening which comes through in the range of different, completely unique and complementary styles.

The Transition from Healing to Healer
As I voyage into unchartered territory within myself, I’m always reminded of the inescapable truth, that in order to bring healing to the world around me, I should first heal myself.
Through my artworks, there is a sense of that healing energy, that source meditative therapy through the use of shapes and color that is conferred to those who own my works.
My own experience of the healing ability of my art has given me purpose: to share my journey with the world facilitating the successful transition from a focus on internal healing to one where I help others to heal.
I am honored by those who, by purchasing my artwork, trust in the power of art to bring solace, comfort, and peace.

The Power of Color to Bring Healing
My unique self-directed journey has allowed me to explore spirituality, yoga, Buddhism, Hinduism, meditation and relaxation methods. My hope for you is that, as you browse my works, they resonate with you and in some way spark the beginning of your own journey towards light and healing.
In particular, I have been studied and been powerfully inspired by the meaning and power of colors, delving into Hinduism, Buddhism, and Chromotherapy. Nowhere is this influence of color so clearly present than in my collection of mandalas and paintings on spirituality.

The Revelation of Color Symbolism in Hinduism
In Hinduism, colors play an important role in religion and culture as they have a deep significance that transcends being merely decorative. The color of deities signifies their qualities with the most important colors being red, and green (as well as yellow and white).
Red - symbolizes both purity and sensuality and is the most important and widely used for religious festivals. It is also the color of Shakti, the Hindu goddess who is responsible for creation as well as all the dynamic forces throughout the universe. She is also referred to as the Universal Mother and the Great Divine Mother.
Orange - The color saffron is the most sacred color in Hinduism, representing fire and the impurities that are burnt by fire to reveal purity. Wearing saffron symbolizes the quest for light.
Green - Green represents peace, life, and happiness and stabilizes the mind.
Yellow – Yellow is the color of learning and knowledge, symbolizing peace, meditation, happiness and mental development.
White – White is the joining of seven colors and representing purity, knowledge, cleanliness and peace. It is the color of mourning.
Blue – Blue is the color given by the Creator to nature seen in the sky, rivers, lakes and oceans. Deities associated with the qualities of bravery, manliness, determination, as well as stable mind and depth of character are represented as blue.

The Use of Color in Buddhism
The concept of the ‘rainbow body’ in Buddhism is when everything begins to transform into ‘pure light’ and it is the highest state attainable before the ‘clear light’ of Nirvana. There are five colors known as the ‘Five Pure Lights’, each represents a state of mind, a natural element or a body part.
Blue – Purity and healing, through meditating on this color anger can be transformed into wisdom. The element that accompanies this color is air.
White – In Buddhism, white is the color of knowledge and learning, through meditation on white the ignorance of delusion can change to the wisdom of reality. The color is associated with the eyes and is in the elemental group water.
Red – Red represents life force and preservation and is associated with the tongue. The natural element that complements this color is fire. Through meditation on the color red the delusion of attachment is transformed into the wisdom of discernment.
Green – This is the color of harmony and balance, and is associated with the head. The color represents nature and to meditate on green is to move from a place of jealousy to the wisdom of accomplishment.
Yellow – This color symbolizes renunciation and rootedness and is represented by the nose. Earth is the element that accompanies this color and, through meditation, transforms pride into the wisdom of sameness.

Chromatherapy; Color Therapy
Also called color therapy, chromotherapy is the use of color and light to bring balance – color and light are applied to acupoints and specific areas on the body. It’s important because everything is dependent on light for life and the use of color and light can bring our emotional and physical systems into balance.
Red – warmth, energy, and stimulation
Yellow – for cleansing, happiness, and security
Green – cooling and sedating
Turquoise – intuition, and sensitivity
Blue – the color of calm
Violet – promotes consciousness and awareness, powerful for healing and growth

The Use of Chomotherapy for Healing
Brain and nerves – Here nerve soothing colors like blue, violet and indigo should be used.
Neck and thorax– Cobalt blue should be used because of it's cooling and healing properties.
Digestive disorders – Red and yellow can be used to stimulate digestive juices, and blue and violet can be used to stimulate saliva.
Lower limb disorders– Use of warm colors like orange and red is most effective.

My Dreamscape: Where Beauty, Wisdom and Consciousness Meet
Take a pilgrimage through my dreamscape as I recall my most vivid, perspective-altering hopes and desires, as well as the moods and emotions that inspire them.

Get lost,
Be inspired and comforted,
Taste freedom, mystery and the limitless capacity that you have to give,
and revel in the expansion of your consciousness.
Then slowly, ever so slowly,
Move towards yourself, coming back to the calmcentering of self-knowledge.

A Collection of Fantasy, Joy and Fun
As my style and sense of self continues to evolve and change, I find that I am increasingly drawn to new challenges and different experiences. I’m regularly inspired by experiences and people in my everyday life. More and more I find that my pursuit of a simple, meaningful life very often overlaps with the creative work that I am drawn to.
I somehow balance the deep, thoroughly immersive topics of spirituality and the universe with light-hearted, child-like endeavors. This is reflected in my art that I’ve loosely grouped into:
• Fantasy
• Abstract
• Tributes
• Jewelry Design
• Art for Kids
• Christian Art
• Paintings
• Photographs

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Giada Rossi joined Pixels on June 24th, 2013.