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Linda Gonzalez - Fine Artist

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As an artist I love to create, as a woman I am love all things beautiful and I find beauty in all things. I create jewelry, abstract art, oil paintings, digital art, photography. Some people have said, ' I am not sure what I want to do!' The true is I want to do it all! If it's beautiful than I will try to capture it's beauty by any art form possible. I run throught the woods of Minnesota during the Summer and Fall months with my cameras at all times. My camper is my art studio on wheels for on rainy days I will paint. My saying is, ' If I love it, it's mine to capture with my camera!' Even technology doesn't escape me for it draws me to new adventures in creativity. I am a curious individual! I AM WOMAN! I AM AN ARTIST! Many have assume because of my photos that I am from a rural area but the fact is I am from Chicago. I visit Minnesota when I was 27 years of age and fall in loved with it's wide open space, it's State Parks and it's National Forest, Minnesota and it many lakes, for Minnesota is known as the Land of 10,000 lakes and it is known for it friendliness and approachable people, 'Minnesota niceness'. As Chicago is known for it high winds, 'The Windy City'. I take my photos in Minnesota because I love the wilderness. It's changing seasons and the colors it brings with it. My hope to share my joy of Greater Minnesota, it's hard working people,it's beautiful hidden cabins in the woods and the joy of it's land. I have found that with photography it is turning out to be a hit and miss mission. Especially with birds for they don't stand still for that prefect shot. As for landscape standing in the same spot and turning just one inch can make the different! Just that different angle can and does make THE SHOT! Everything is beautiful it all depends on how you look at it. I enjoy my travels discovering Minnesota's beauty and hope to share them with the world through photos.

Linda Gonzalez joined Pixels on January 20th, 2013.