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Mark Hubbard - Artist

Mark Hubbard

Learn more about Mark Hubbard from Portage, MI - United States.

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Hi and welcome to my site! I grew up in Hillsdale, MI, moved to Kalamazoo, MI in the 70s and have stayed in the area ever since. I have MAs in Art Ed and Special Ed and have used that combination throughout my career. I taught, mostly art, to adjudicated youth for 28 years. I moved to a program where I was able to teach, mostly art, to young adults with disabilities for another four years. Here in Michigan, free special education runs up to age 26. I believe we are the last state to do that. Then, for my last six years of full time teaching, I taught in a great program called Project SEARCH in Bronson Hospital. The program is an intense employment skills developing experience for young adults with disabilities. It was very rewarding even though no art teaching was involved.

For my own creative outlets, I have been involved in music since high school. I play acoustic and bass guitar and have played in a variety of bands over the years. However, I have taken long breaks from playing and singing. After I retired in 2018, I joined some friends in a band called Take Two & Call Dave. We play mostly classic rock but also a variety of styles.

Visual arts: I like too many art mediums! I used to make a lot of pottery and I still have many pieces around the house. I used to teach many ceramic classes as well as stained glass. I was co-owner of a stained glass company for awhile making custom pieces. These days, I'm keeping it more simple and focusing on drawing, pastels, and oil. I finally have a space big enough to call a studio to work from. I don't produce a ton of work but please come by when you can. I currently have an oil painting that should be dry enough to varnish soon. It is of the same image as my drawing 'The Mighty Mac Pack'. I'll post it as soon as it is ready. I have a drawing of a pony in works as well as a landscape oil painting.

Thanks for the visit! Mark

Mark Hubbard joined Pixels on July 23rd, 2020.