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Teodoro De La Santa - Fine Artist

About Teodoro De La Santa

Learn more about Teodoro De La Santa from Ozone Park, NY - United States.

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Teodoro De La Santa aka ' TeoSanta '. All Rights Reserved. All Works in this gallery are the original work of Teodoro De La Santa, aka ' TeoSanta. It is for sale, Copyrighted to Teodoro De La Santa, and as such, is protected by US and International Copyright Law, They may not reproduced in the real or Virtual world in any context with out expressed written consent of the Artist. Original works are available for Sale Via the Artist.

Bursting with unbridled creativity, Teodoro De La Santa aka 'TeoSanta ' emerged into New York’s art scene like a breath of fresh air. His works always bear the unique stamp of the unconventional, the fearless, the unpredictable. Teosanta uses mixed media, deep colour treatments, bright splashes or sensual shades - each capturing an exhilarating moment, much like a snapshot of his interesting life. An intrinsic part of a greater whole, yet a total experience in itself. He brings into his palette a blend of rich colours from the tropical wonder of the Philippine islands where he grew up, to the colour and vibrancy of New York, where he has lived since 1981. TeoSanta projects the human spirit with broad, bold strokes, with strong colours and defined shapes. His complex combination of structure and gesture lends his paintings freshness. TeoSanta's process mirrors the complexity of his form. It is both subtractive and additive, and involves direct painting, stenciling, scraping, sanding, pouring, and digital photography, among many others.

“I am self-taught as an artist, but every time I look into an empty canvas, I am driven by a sense of importance of being brave, not to be limited by conventions. I must have taken my creativity after my mom, who was never afraid to try anything new and unconventional

Teodoro De La Santa joined Pixels on April 30th, 2010.