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Diane Daigle

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I was born and raised in the large Canadian city of Toronto. At a young age I somehow convinced those around me that I had 'talent' and was considered a budding artist,,,, funny thing,,, it took another 49 or so years for me to actually become one. I had been invited and accepted a student placement in a specialized high school in it's first year as the showpiece institute for artistic endeavours here in Ontario. Problem was at that point in my life I had discovered others ways to waste my time and found myself outside of school far more often than in school. After dropping out and wandering on the mean streets of the inner city I finally settled down and raised a family. Having accomplished this I had way too much time on my hands and needed an outlet,,,, after not painting or drawing for all those years I joined a painting class close by to where I live in Bowmanville near Toronto. I work out of the Visual Arts Centre and continue to take classes and enjoy the positive atmosphere and supportive nature in this historical building in Bowmanville.

Diane Daigle - Ah Nuts

Ah Nuts by Diane Daigle

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