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Christi Kraft

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I think it was inevitable that I would become a photographer. I grew up in a family of camera carriers and photography enthusiasts, and I do remember my first film camera, a little pink point-and-shoot. In my formative years, my subjects were pretty consistent--family and friends, vacation snapshots, and the like--but the more rolls of film I went through (which could be 10 or 12 on one trip, a very expensive habit for someone with a part-time, after-school job), the more I began to see the art within the personal observations of my photographs. I loved shooting natural scenes, quiet moments, and whatever interesting details caught my eye; this is reflected in my work even today. I started seriously pursuing photography as an art over 10 years ago. In college, I had the opportunity to learn how to truly make photographs, working both in traditional and digital darkrooms. My work has always celebrated details more than the big picture, and I love to create observations of the beauty and humor in our world that we otherwise might miss.

Christi Kraft - Beauty is Natures Coin

Beauty is Natures Coin by Christi Kraft

Christi Kraft - Into the Light

Into the Light by Christi Kraft

Christi Kraft - In the Pink

In the Pink by Christi Kraft

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