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Nancy Levan - Fine Artist

About Nancy Levan

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ARTIST STATEMENT I draw fashionable women in a modern, abstract manner. Iím intrigued by how we use clothing to present ourselves in a certain way, whether that is to fit an expectation, to conceal our true selves, or to let others know exactly who we are. Iím interested in the evolution of clothing through these social mores over the centuries and draw a wide range of clothing from giant ball gowns to a retro 50ís dress to a modern miniskirt and crop top. I employ different digital brush techniques depending on what I feel is best for the womanís personality and her story. Youíll see that when I use circles or bubbles that it tends to be a moment that is blissful, exciting, and maybe sheís bubbling over with joy. Ladies who are very spiky are not approachable, dangerous, mysterious, or frenetic. Splatters are typically for dancing or ball gowns. The rough brush strokes indicate levels of anxiety, stress or impatience so the smoother she is the calmer she is feeling. I donít create faces for my ladies because a face causes people to instantly make a judgement about the person represented based on facial features, it locks in an expression, and it doesnít allow for imagination. I want these ladies to be representative of anyone. They could be me or you or your best friend or your mother. Not creating a face makes them more accessible. I absolutely encourage anyone to create their own story for what they see in my ladies. The stories I write are of an imagined moment the woman is experiencing. Our lives are full of tiny moments, a minute of internal thought or experience. I act as a narrator for the story they conveyed to me when I was drawing them. I especially love a good cliffhanger that makes you want to know more about the lady. The stories arenít always happy and the women arenít always nice but such is life. They are, however, fashionable and fascinating. Want to follow me other places to keep up with the latest happenings? FAA doesn't give any easy way for following me so you'll have to copy and paste the URL. You can find me at: Google+ Twitter Instagram Facebook Fan Page

Nancy Levan joined Pixels on August 18th, 2015.