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Sylvia Brallier - Artist

Sylvia Brallier

Learn more about Sylvia Brallier from Berkeley, CA - United States.

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My early art career was in botanical illustration which is all about precision and correct representation. Then, I moved into liquid paint techniques. I choose colors, focus myself and then pour the paint onto the canvas. It makes its own art! I interpret it like a Rorschach test, refining, I remove the excess, the way a sculptor would carve away the obscurations to the form. I combine the precision of reality with the metaphorical vision arising from within… Mixing Symbolic Art with abstract expressionism and magical realism. In 2016 I won grand prize in a national climate change Gallery show featuring meaningful multimedia art.
You can read more of my biography and see notes on my process at my website: www.SylviaBrallierArt.com/about

I’m super grateful for your interesting comments and likes on my paintings. Thanks so much to my fans for your support.

Sylvia Brallier joined Pixels on April 23rd, 2021.