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Alanna Hug-McAnnally - Fine Artist

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Thank you so much for visiting my site. It's been an unusual journey on my way to painting. Due to an illness when I was 40 - over 2 decades ago - I had to quit working. One day I went to a large mall and was happily surprised by an art show/competition. While looking at all the paintings (about 1,000 in all), I was drawn to one particular artist. It turned out she was the teacher to 1/2 of the artists there. Having told her I was degreed in opera and concert, she immediately told me: 'If you are in one of the arts, you are in all of them.' That turned out to be true, and it turned out I could paint. Since then, I have been in jurried competitions, came in second in my first and first in my second. One is now in a museum, a gift from a patron. I enjoy painting most any style, but have yet to have the patience to do a portrait. Perhaps someday. In the meantime, as I'm OLD, I've volunteered at our Senior Center and have been an art teacher in oil on canvas for about a year. It's great fun. Having majored in music, one learns the styles throughout music history also apply to art, literature and architecture. So my interest in painting was a natural way to express myself. My teacher was great and I would spend 1/3 of the class watching her fix people's mistakes. That was very educational and great fun. Please enjoy my paintings, as they have been a joy for me to paint. Thank you. Registered & Protected

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