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Anastasia Konn - Fine Artist

About Anastasia Konn

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Photography is my passion. I see beauty in everything around me. I practice energy work and see signs everywhere that the Universe sends me. Signs are everywhere, you just have to slow down and pay attention. For me, photography is another way to slow down, take a moment and enjoy what the Universe is showing me. Many images we take have underlying meanings; they are not just pretty images you've captured. Some images may even improve our lives if noted and brought to life. I am a strong believer in visualizations and I use my images to bring love, prosperity, health, joy, abundance and other things into my life. If you believe it, it works for you in the most amazing ways. Try it yourself and you'll be amazed at the power your images hold. Colors, shapes, elements in nature, facial expressions and body languages that are depicted in our photographs all have incredible power to bring things into our lives. Next time you take a picture, pause and think: why am I capturing this? what is the great Universe trying to tell and show me? There is love and beauty everywhere you look. And without you none of it would exist, because you are the one observing it through your eyes.

Anastasia Konn joined Pixels on January 18th, 2013.