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Andras Manajlo - Fine Artist

About Andras Manajlo

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“It is not easy to put my artistic credo into words. Definitely I would like to convey through paintings feeling of positive, beauty, joy, and harmony. To involve the viewer into dialogue, to offer to think about eternal values, to stop for a moment in today’s hectic and tense world - and relax. If the art lover feels it from my paintings - then I'm happy that this is my calling in life' Andrew Manaylo is a ruthenian artist from Subcarpathia (Ukraine). Was born in 1970 in a painter dynasty family. His ascendants – grandfather Fedor and father Ivan – achieved significant place in the art life of the region. Andrew built not only upon an unique art school of his predecessors, but also on top-ranked professional artist-qualifying institutions such as the Russian Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. Andre is actively involved in numerous international art-symposiums. „There is something deeply intense and critical in personal sensibilities and modalities of Andrew Manaylo’s artworks and expressions. His art somehow manages to muse and fuse the classical and the modern, the flat and the defined - it is personal biography meets movement, passion and a very physiological presence. Exhibiting an impeccable instinct for the emotionally evocative power of color, movement, texture, and shape, his creative work relates more to a state of mind, mood or feeling, than a tangible object. Amidst a sea of art, Andrew Manaylo manage to say something very different.” Nikita D. Lobanov a fellow in perpetuity of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York City), a member of the board of directors of the Foundation for International Arts and Education (Washington, DC), a regent of the Institute of Modern Russian Culture (Los Angeles, California), a consultant to Christie's auction house and (subsequently, from 1992 to 1997) a consultant to Sotheby's. Professional studies: 2011-2013 – professional advanced training courses at the faculty of painting and drawing of the Russian Academy of Art in St. Petersburg (Russia); 1991-1993 – study at a graphic design faculty of the Polygraphic Academy in Lwow (Ukraine); 1987-1991 – study at a batik decoration faculty of the Academy of Applied Arts in Lwow (Ukraine); 1985-1987 – study at faculty of decorative metal treatment at the College of Applied Arts in Uzhgorod (Ukraine). The main exhibitions: Upcoming: 2014 – Sept. 18 – Sept. 21: Lebanon, Beirut Art Fair (represented by ADAH); 2014 – Oct. 16 – Oct. 19: USA, Los Angeles (CA), World Wide Art; 2014 – Dec. 3 – Dec. 7: USA, Miami (FL), Spectrum; Past: 2014 – USA, Rochester (NY), Art Rochester International Art Show & Fair; 2014 – USA, Miami (FL), The Cultural Souls International Arts Festival; 2014 – Hungary, Budapest, Art Moments - Central European Visual Art Festival – group exhibition (represented by ADAH); 2014 – USA, Winter Park (Fl), Tresor Gallery – group exhibition; 2014 – Italy, Florence, Galleria 360 – group exhibition; 2014 – USA, New York, Select Fine Art; 2014 – USA, Algonquin (Il), CaTara Gallery – group exhibition; 2014 – USA, Art Expo New York, (Pier 94); 2014 – Switzerland, Lucerne, Allmend/Messe – group exhibition; 2014 – Switzerland, Zürich, Rothschild Bank AG – group exhibition; 2013 – USA, Bronxville (NY), Objects & Images Gallery – group exhibition; 2013 – USA, Florida/Miami, Art Miami 2013 - International Contemporary & Modern Art Fair; 2013 – China, Shanghai, Shanghai Art Fair 2013; 2013 – Great Britain, London, Battersea, Affordable Art Fair; 2013 – USA, New York, Spectrum Art Expo; 2013 – Switzerland, Bern, Embassy of Ukraine in the Swiss Confederation and the Principality of Liechtenstein– solo exhibition; 2013 – United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, Hyatt Capital Gate – group exhibition; 2013 – Great Britain, East Grinstead, Atelier Art Gallery – group exhibition; 2013 – Switzerland, Zug, Beregovoy Art Gallery – solo exhibition; 2013 – Switzerland, Olten, Gallerie Art Mathieu – group exhibition; 2013 – France, Paris, Kalinka Art Gallery – group exhibition; 2013 – Great Britain, London, Royal Opera Arcade Gallery – group exhibition; 2012 – United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, Art Hub Gallery – solo exhibition; 2012 – Switzerland, Zug, Altstadthalle – solo exhibition; 2012 – Great Britain, London, Royal Opera Arcade Gallery – solo exhibition; 2011 – Germany, Lubeck, Lachswehr – solo exhibition; 2010 – Hungary, Vác, House of Culture, Day of Hungarian Painting – solo exhibition; 2010 – Hungary, Budapest, Art Union Gallery – solo exhibition; 2010 – Hungary, Budapest, House of Hungarians – solo exhibition; 2004-to date – continuous participation in numerous international art symposiums; 2004 – Austria, Tulln, Minoritenkloster – group exhibition; Awards and Memberships: Member of World Academy of Rusyn Culture; Member of the Municipal Art Society of New York; “Most Promising Emerging Talent” awarded by the Pannonian World cultural Association; Selected collections: Municipal collection of canton Zug, Switzerland. Robert Harris Rothchild collection, USA Imre Pakh collection, New York / USA Ahmed Al Yafei collection, Abu Dhabi / UAE Benza György, Budapest / Hungary Pfandler Katalin, Budapest / Hungary Tarlós István, Budapest / Hungary Laszlo Luka collection, Geneve / Switzerland Municipal collection of Vác, Hungary Maita Szrebrodolszki, New York / USA Christine Papa, New York / USA Ibragimov Alijan collection, Berne / Switzerland …

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