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Arthur Barnes - Artist

Arthur Barnes Blogs

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Arthur Barnes is a artist who works in a variety of mediums including ink, watercolor, pastels and oils.   He prefers to work directly from life and his favorite subjects are landscapes with an emphasis on nocturnes and scenes of the Erie Canal.   Arthur has had little formal training but was fortunate to study a year under Juanita Greene Parks in 1982.   She had studied under Reginald Marsh and Robert Brackman.   Brackman was a student of Ashcan artist/ teacher Robert Henri.   Since that time, Arthur has been on a consistent course of self-training in art with an...more
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The old lantern

May 21st, 2012

I was on the rez the other day and did a couple of drawings including this one of an old lantern hanging on a tree. Black ink on gray paper. I may still work on the background which will be leaves from the tree. 


March 9th, 2012

"A man without money is but a vagabond and a rogue," Rembrandt's peers judged as he walked out of bankruptcy court. That was wrong on so many levels. Rembrandt was neither a vagabond nor a rogue. He rarely, if ever left his native Holland. If not a s... 

When I was a puppy I heard Johnny Cash singing about …’breathing air that ain’t been breathed before.” I heard Woody Guthrie singing about following his own footsteps across our diamond deserts. I heard Bob Dylan singing “The highway is for gamblers...