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Barbara D Richards - Fine Artist

About Barbara D Richards

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Barbara D. Richards describes herself as a self-taught photographer who has spent years perfecting her technique. Her first love is landscape photography but she has recently expanded her interests to human subjects and computer photo enhancement. 'All pictures are my original photographs. I then use the computer like an artist uses a brush, to create unique PHOTO ART.' A Utah native, Barbara first became interested in photography while living in the San Juan Islands in Washington State. She was inspired by the beauty she saw everywhere around her, and found her passion for capturing on film what she sees. Soon after venturing into the world of photography, her work met with acclaim and she realized there was an audience for her compositions. As a full-time artist, Barbara has continued to impress viewers and critics with her work, which has earned many awards. Brigham Young University's Monte L. Bean Museum of Natural History presented her several awards for her landscape photography. She is also proud of receiving the top award for two consecutive years from the Arizona Camera Club Council. Other awards were from the highly acclaimed New York Institute of Photography, where she received two first-place awards in a worldwide competition. Her work has been published in the International Library of Photography ('America at the Millennium' edition), and in Photographers Forum magazine. She is particularly proud of her major contribution to the beautiful book, The Wasatch Mountains, Utah, also a book titled, Southeastern Arizona. Barbara has displayed her work in many cities in the U.S.A. and countries around the world including: Australia, Canada, London, England, New York, Washington D.C. and Hollywood, California. ARTIST STATEMENT When I take a photograph, I am focused on the process and nothing else exists around me. I explore my subjects and see light, color and endless possibilities. I describe my work as vivid, sharply defined and layered -- I love color and am drawn to compositions with many textures. When people comment on my photographs, they say that I really have an eye for beauty and know how to compose a good picture. I am often able to see a photograph where others may not. Although many photographers feel they have to hike to remote destinations to get fresh, stunning landscape pictures, I (who does not enjoy hiking) say, 'When the light is right, you can take a beautiful picture of anything, wherever you are'. I encourage other photographers to explore and take pictures from different angles and to 'turn around and look behind you -- your next picture is right there'. I hope that viewers will take from my work whatever inspires them and perhaps remember the beauty of a place they have visited. My photography is constantly evolving. I have become interested in human subjects and computer photo enhancement. I value the entire process of designing, taking and developing a picture into my own work of art, including the unlimited potential available with computer technology. I consider displaying my work to be a part of the process and have enjoyed all the worldwide 'Shows' and 'Gallery' displays that have been a part of my career. I hope to continue 'showing' in local Arizona galleries as well as around the world. I also hope international publications will continue to be interested in my PHOTO ART. PUBLICATIONS Black & White Magazine 'Portraits and People Around the World'-- Worldwide Photography Gala Awards River Art, Susquehanna International Fine Art Competition DG Portfolio (Design Graphics), Australia Utah Yellow Pages (Cover Page), West Valley, Utah Utah Yellow Pages (Cover Page), Murray/Midvale, Utah 'Women of the Four Winds' book Utah 2004 Accommodations & Vacation Guide, State of Utah Calendar, Ching Farm Rescue & Sanctuary, Utah 'Arizona Southwest' book 'Catalyst' magazine 'Wasatch Mountains of Utah' book 'America at the Millennium', International Library of Photos 'Photographers Forum' magazine

Barbara D Richards joined Pixels on February 15th, 2007.