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05-13-21: Had a colonoscopy on the 12th because of my history of colon cancer.   This is just something I have to endure every 3 years just to keep me safe and sound.   There were 4 polyps found and sent off to the lab.   The results are in and 3 were benign and the 4th was pre-cancer.   So now I'm safe until the next colonoscopy.   This is a sigh of relief because it was found BEFORE it could become full blown cancer.   When your doctor suggests that you have a colonoscopy don't put it off.   Get it done because the possibility is not a...more
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May 24th, 2008

Well.. here's the first shot of me beginning this work, even though this would be a few days old. Just to give myself an idea of where everything will be going, I start the piece in watercolor.. I do the background and then put down some colors f... 

My Studio

March 18th, 2008

Funny how the space we work in becomes so precious, especially if you actually HAVE a space you can call your own. My little studio is approx. 64 sq. feet.. but it's ALL MINE!! In it there is my music CD's (over 700 now) and the CD player that holds ... 

Fine Art

November 16th, 2007

Lately, I've noticed a few "discussions" about FINE ART, HIGH ART and so on. In my humble opinion, does it really matter which it is you do as long as you're enjoying the journey? I classify my art being collages, portraits etc. as vignettes.. not ... 

Art.. maybe..

November 3rd, 2007

You get so sidetracked trying to make a point that frequently the original thought is completely lost. So, to that end, I wanted to make a point about how I feel - and this is NOT open for discussion- about art and how I do it. You can call me a copy... 

I Love My Shoe

November 3rd, 2007

I started working on this commission about a month ago.. seems that it just kept calling me back. The story is this.. at one of the Ohio zoos, the mating pair of jaguars were successful and momma jag gave birth to 2 healthy cubs.. one male and one f...