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Ben Hagenbush - Artist

About Ben Hagenbush

Learn more about Ben Hagenbush from Denville, NJ - United States.

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Ben Hagenbush has been doing art since the time he was three years old. A very common ritual for him, was stretching across his parents living room floor early Saturday mornings watching cartoons while drawing pictures of people, monsters, cartoon and comic characters, animals, landscapes, TV and movie characters. His main passion was for the movies, and his favorites were horror, sci-fi, action, fantasy and drama. He first started with pencils, any kind of pencils he could find, and started to draw. The same thing went for paper. Whether it was lined paper or printing paper, he would use it to draw a picture. Both of his parents worked at companies where paper was very plentiful. His Father worked for a magazine company where there was always plenty of paper to bring home. His Mother worked at a printing press company where she would bring home big rolls of paper. That type of paper was a favorite for Ben to draw on. Art ability runs in Ben's family. Both of his parents are artistic in their own right, doing some painting and drawing themselves. Both his Brother and Sister also have the artistic ability. 'As children, my Sister loved drawing and designing women's clothing and my Brother liked to draw monsters and fantasy creatures, the same as myself. I know my Brother and Sister would strongly disagree with me, but I know if they kept up with art, I wouldn't be able to compete with them, not even close. I would look at the things they would draw and say to myself, Wow!, I hope one day I can draw as good as they can.' As Ben grew older, his passion and his abilities grew along with him. He graduated from pencils to pastels, to chalk pastel pencils, to watercolors, to acrylics, to pen & ink, to oils and wood burning. Along with drawing & painting, Ben also has worked with clay on and off through his childhood and has continued working with it. He still, to this day, works as a sculptor doing commission work for private collectors and has won many awards for his talents. 'I feel that being a sculptor has made me even greater at drawing and painting. It makes the artist, have a far better understanding of anatomy and how it works.'

Ben Hagenbush joined Pixels on July 15th, 2018.