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Biagio Civale - Artist

About Biagio Civale

Learn more about Biagio Civale from Yonkers, NY - United States.

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Born in Rome, Italy in 1935. Studied in Italy, France and USA. Trained in a many techniques and experimented in multiple media. Produced artworks in a number of styles. Costantly searching for the form that coincides with the content. Regularly excited by the expressivity and profundity of the black and white images. Considers himself a modern artist that works and expresses his inner world, an artist that expresses energy, motion and other inner forces. The resulting kind of personal expressionism is like an alternate view versus the mechanical means of representing objects via cameras and photos and realism in general. Has produced woodcuts, drawings, serigraphs, etchings, intaglios, collagraphs, posters, oils, temperas, watercolors, mixed media, assemblages and bronze sculpture.

Biagio Civale joined Pixels on January 31st, 2007.