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Biography huh... hmmmm where to start and what to say.... well i guess i can say that i first noticed that i had a talent for art when i was in the fourth grade. I was with a couple friends and they started to color in a couple coloring books, but there was no coloring book for me to use, so i looked at the opposite page and decided that i'd draw the picture of Goofy and then color it. When i finished the drawing i asked for some colors and my friend snatched up the drawing and ran out to his mom going ' mom mom look what Brent did.' That's when i found out i had a talent, because she thought that i had trace it, so my friend went and got the pic and it was extremely close to being right on exact. In high school i took every art class that i could, drawing 1 2 and 3, design, painting, ceramics 1-3 and i would have taken more had it been possible. There was one problem i had with art, i did not want to go into any of the fields that came up as careers in the arts, i wanted to be a REAL artist! Though everything i heard was it's impossible to make a real living as a fine artist and i should consider some other avenue in the arts. So i basically just gave it up all together, the idea of being a starving artist did not appeal to me one bit. For many years the only art i created were doodles or a sketch for some friend that wanted a tattoo. Then in 2001 i decided to start teaching myself how to paint, mainly doing abstract work, seeing how to manipulate the paint and basically just having fun experimenting with it. Somehow at work one night, a guy had asked me to do a painting of Marilyn Monroe for him and i just about passed out laughing! I was like, i can give it a try, but don't expect much because i have only done one and a half portraits... one of Elvis that turned out well and is in my mom's collection and the other was partially started self portrait, it was my first attempt back in 2002 and i did not have much of a grasp on portraits, painting, color and so on, so needless to say, it's not that good lookin. I am so glad that he asked me to do the portrait of Marilyn Monroe, because it actually turned out great, it was done in acrylic and was a black and white. The painting ended up being auctioned off for a benefit for a sick child and that's when it all kind of clicked in my head, 'this is why i have this talent and i need to put it to good use.' So i did another portrait of Monroe, this time in color, but still had problems color, so i went back to black and white for the next two paintings. Now in between the time of the second Monroe painting and the next two black and white paintings was a few years of struggling, economy went to heck and i got injured real bad which made working very difficult anymore. In this time i had next to no money and was homeless most of the time. I received a nice Christmas present from an old friend a year ago and bought two canvases and some drawing pencils and paper. Figured i needed to do some drawing instead of painting since it was cheaper to do and easier to carry around, got to make ones load as light as possible when you are homeless. The first attempt at drawing anything serious since High School was 'Timeless Beauty 2' the Lucille Ball Drawing, and that's when i made the decision to chase after my dream of being a REAL artist, i just needed to move to a warmer place, because i knew it was going to be rough to say the least and that i would be homeless for some if not most of the year that i planned to chase this dream full tilt boogie, no matter what i was going to give it a year of total focus! So here i have been for almost a year in Panama City and doing my best to learn as much as possible and work as hard as i can to complete some great work. Thanks to the visual arts center of northwest florida for all the support and the space they have provided me with to do my work, don't know where i'd be without help from them. This is just the beginning, i'm not giving up after the years up, i'm going to keep at it. My plans are to hone my skills in the portrait work i do until i am confident enough in my knowledge of the human body, lighting and what-not, then i plan on creating the most realistic fantasy worlds my mind can imagine. :) PEACE & LOVE

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