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Artist Statement

September 3rd, 2013

In July I was invited to show my art at the annual MUFON convention in Las Vegas. They had an art gallery room specifically set up to show art work of the E.T. nature. This was my first art gallery showing and I scrambled to get my prints in frames a... 

Featured in this blog is the Kromian-Zylar Warrior. This race resides on the planet Zylar, which is located in the 9th dimension of a specific group of clustered stars called the Xenia Circle. The Kromian beings consist of a society has had a reco... 

Hi, All! This weeks featured portrait is of the Alatar. This is their channeled message. For centuries we have traveled from universe to universe in full awareness that we would, at last, once again, come back to you, the human r... 

Thanks to all who have subscribed to this blog! It is uplifting to know there is such an interest in the Beings and if you are curious to know more, I invite questions from the readers. This week I bring a message from the Star Mother: The invitat... 

This blog content is channeled from, Charlamane, Queen of Lidor: We come to you, not as something askew within your perception, but with the knowing that as the veil grows thinner our presence and those of other beings will become ever more appare... 

I am a psychic, author, artist, and a channeler. Most people know what the first three descriptions entail, but for those who aren't sure what a channeler is or does, I liken what I do to the more traditional sense of the word, channel: the bed of a...