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Born in the month of June- Wipāzutkān Waste’ Win’ (Moon when June Berries are good), Chandler S. Cruise; Lakota name “Wāpā-Hā-Luṫā” (Sacred Red Flag). Enrolled member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, raised on the land of Chief American Horse in American Horse Creek on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in southwestern South Dakota. A great-great grandson of the powerful medicine man (wi’cāsā wākān) Little Warrior, a survivor of the Battle of the Little Big Horn (Custer’s Last Stand). My art expresses who I am, a modern traditional Oglala Lakota looking to the future, yet keeps the past of my ancestors alive. Some of my art is inspired by stories my grandmother told me. My ancestors used art to pass on legends and stories; I want my art to do the same. I like using colors that work together in harmony, the same way Mother Nature uses colors to balance out the world. I like to still think that there is harmony in this chaotic world we live in today. I love night skies, if you think about it, beyond that night sky there is color working its magic. Working with watercolor is sort of the same way, especially using the wet into wet technique. Watching the colors flowing and eventually finding each other to create a wonder before your eyes, is a unique process to experience. 'Watercolor is a swim in the metaphysics of life... a mirror of one's own character. Let it be unpredictable and colorful. (Anonymous)'

Chandler Cruise joined Pixels on January 21st, 2013.