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Charles Hetenyi - Fine Artist

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Born in Budapest (the Buda side), Hungary. Raised and educated in Budapest. In 1956 November I left the country. Came to United States in 1957 January 1st. landed in New York. The first 3 years in America I have traveled all across the land, learning the language, the way of life, the customs, the rules, the laws, and all the different occupations that I found available in my journey. I finally ended up in South California, Los Angeles area, where I settled in. Having a life long passion for art, I started taking some courses in fine art, studied with Sergey Bongard, Darwin Duncan, Frank Turiello, Earl Daniel. I participated in art group activities, and art shows. I have received numerous awards, sold a lot of paintings, but not enough to make a living. Making a living always pushed art into the background, never having time enough to do serious work. But the passion for art in my heart, made me hoping and planning to pursue art full time. In the meantime I received commissions to paint portraits, sold a number of paintings to private collectors. Fortunately my jobs involved different types of illustrations, where I was able to keep my hand in art on a commercial level, as an Illustrator. The time finally came. I retired. All the reference materials I have collected thorough out the years, surfacing now, and I am painting full steam ahead. Now I have to live long enough, to paint all the ideas I have stored in my head. I am now painting with watercolor, it is close to my hart, since my early involvement in technical illustration, I have gained real good experience working with watercolor. Technical illustration required a very tight clear and precise handling. Studying with some prominent artists I mentioned above, I learned to work with oil, acrylic, pen and ink, pencil. My paintings can be found in private collection all over United States and Hungary. phone: 310-740-7320

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