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Daryl Stokes - Fine Artist

About Daryl Stokes

Learn more about Daryl Stokes from Monterey, CA - United States.

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Born in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, Daryl Stokes studied fine arts at the University of South Florida where he specialized in figure drawings, composite drawings and abstract expressionistic paintings. In the early 70's, Stokes began working with redwood driftwood and burls, eventually opening a studio in a historic Cannery Row warehouse on the shoreline of Monterey Bay. Stokes was immersed in the ebb and flow of nature’s energy, resulting in his unique, one-of-a-kind natural designs. His studio called “Stohans” became a Cannery Row landmark. His past works have included exotic furniture designs, decorative floor fountains and free form abstract sculptures for both residential and commercial use and have been shipped worldwide.
Now in his fourth decade of sculpturing, Daryl Stokes has developed an entire new series of contemporary abstract redwood sculptures which combine the beauty of natural organic burl wood with intriguing geometric forms.
No living trees have been cut to create these works of art. Stokes recovers redwood burls which have succumbed to fire and other natural adversities. Many were washed down rivers and swept out to sea to eventually return to the beaches as scoured driftwood. These majestic Pacific Coast giants live on in his artistic creations. The wood comprising most of Stokes’s sculptures averages over 500 years old and consequently rare. The timeless beauty of these majestic giants live on in Stokes's artistic expressions.
The raw redwood burl and root sections are carved with chain saws to enhance the natural forms. Afterwords, the wood components are further shaped and polished with grinders and sanders. Finally the individual sculpture designs are carefully assembled with durable steel bars and finished with a high quality clear oil which is hand rubbed.
The sculptures are an intriguing blend of boldly angled geometric forms which interact with contorted organic burl wood protrusions and appendages producing sharp contrasts. In some instances the sculpture components appear to 'morph' between hard angled surfaces into flowing organic forms. The sculptures are most appreciated when the viewer can walk completely around them and discover the changing characteristics of each new perspective. Each sculpture’s geometric components reveal remarkable grain patterns hidden within the tree while the natural burl counterparts lend themselves to subliminal animations which prod the viewer's imagination.

Daryl wishes you a lifetime of visual pleasure from your selected purchase of his modern redwood sculptures.

On site viewing information:
I currently have select sculptures on display at 2 retail galleries : Crystal Fox Gallery on Cannery Row in Monterey, CA and Hogan's Trading Company in Moab, Utah, home to Arches National Park, and so many other
spectacular areas!
Wholesale viewings on select sculptures at Phillips Collection, High Point, North Carolina, Phillips Collection in Las Vegas, Nevada and coming soon, Stohans Showcase in Gilroy, CA. For the showroom hours, please send email and we will contact the showrooms and provide you with current times and/or phone numbers for appointments. Thank you again for your interest in my sculptures.

Daryl Stokes joined Pixels on April 11th, 2010.