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HI ! welcome ! you're in ! fantastic ! i'm glad you like ART and i'm glad you stopped by my page specifically ...thanks. here's a little bit about me, artistically speaking. you can consider it a casual biography. if you want the professional info, scroll down a bit. art >>> the formative years: i have eaten color crayons, glue, glitter, that weird white paste in kindergarten and for sure some pencil erasers (circa 5, hello) so i have art in my system from early on. literally. plus, my mom (and my dad at one point) was an art teacher. i know i was all nerdy about precision when it came to holiday art projects, school posters and caligraphy at summer camp (circa 12). i've woodburned stuff on birch bark (girlscout badge). and i have definitely glued macaroni on a cigar box and spray painted it gold (i know) like, multiple times in my childhood. i still know how to recreate an image using silly putty. regarding the 'artist temperament', i took scissors and cut off the tips of my mom's professional watercolor brushes (again circa 5), and no i don't know why i did it. age 5 was exploratory. as a teenager i went a little crazy with beads and decoupage. discovered pottery and photography and boys. i got my first acrylic painting set when i was 13 and my first set of oils when i was 15. my mom taught me how to sew and crochet (amongst other things) and my dad taught me how to play guitar and sing (amongst other things). i bought my first 35mm camera at 16 and used it extensively. so~ i definitely consider myself a lifetime student of the ARTS....painting, mixed media, photography, jewelry making & all of thee above to one extent or another. art >>> the adult years: (1980-83) Winona State University, MN: art major, of course. (1989-92) University of California, Santa Barbara, CA: BA in studio art, with honors, and the first woman to receive the wendy anne finkel memorial scholarship. art >>> professional info: my work, oil abstracts and 3D sculpture paintings (reuvenz beingz), have been on display in stores, shows or galleries in long beach, santa barbara, montecito, los angeles CA and new york, NY and currently being shown in cresco, IA. i haven't been all that fabulous about keeping track of information like that, but trust me, i am an artist. my work has been sold, collected and stolen, so i must be professional. =) art >>> distinquished jobs: working at 'cargo west' in belmont shore, CA with the wildly popular jody jean, and also managing a very elegant and artsy boutique store called 'raku' in santa barbara, CA, owned for decades by the martin family. art >>> favorite entrepreneurial venture: painting (and etc) at 'reuvenz beingz' with partners reuven harris and barbara katzoff in los angeles, CA. we debuted our line of work at the new york art expo, NY ('95) and rocked steady in the sports, entertainment and erotic worlds with caricatured sculptures of celebrities. we also designed corporate holiday cards for the Williams Capital Group in the (then) twin towers, new york, NY. incredible times. artists >>> my favorites include richard diebenkorn, frida kahlo, reuven harris and my mom. and so~ thank YOU for stopping. thank YOU for reading. and please support the arts. really, please. Art Matters.

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