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March 19th, 2015

CUPS & CANVAS at THE EXCHANGE CRESCO I've been teaching a painting class at our local art store (The Exchange Cresco) for the past few months. What a riot ! (Well, there is some drinking involved.) The picture to the left is from one of our s... 

Max Brand

October 28th, 2014

How far we travel in one moment, throwing our eyes up to a star a billion billion miles away or casting a wild thought farther still across the vast ecliptic of the soul so that in the space of a second man may be anew! All old trails are left behind... 


October 15th, 2014

...Still 'round the corner there may wait A new road or secret gate; And though I oft have passed them by, A day will come at last when I Shall take the hidden paths that run West of the Moon, East of the Sun. - excerpt from Roads Go Ever On ... 


August 20th, 2014

My cat brought me a present the other night. A bat. A live little bat. A flying bat. I know this was meant as a gift for me and so I tried not to be too freaked out. I'm not really afraid of bats. In part because he's brought them to me before.... 


August 6th, 2014

Creator. That is a heady word. I think many Artists don't know what to do with that designation. The power. The magic. It is intense and vulnerable and surreal and actual. It is full disclosure like nothing else or maybe no disclosure at all, be... 

Just Say Yes

July 2nd, 2014

Say Yes to buying Art! If not mine (smile), an Artist you know that inspires you! Doesn't matter. Even a card. I myself love cards. An old fashioned communication. A great souvenir. When's the last time you got a card in the m... 


July 1st, 2014

The Harris Men, UC Berkeley. What an accomplishment! All of you.  


January 23rd, 2014

Ocean painting. I'm not posting this on the site yet because I have to sign it (I need to get better about that) and I also want to re-shoot and balance out the lighting. But mainly, for today, I wanted to get one of my recent paintings posted. I ... 


August 10th, 2013

Finished painting. 8" x 8". A baby masterpiece. (smile) I'm calling it Absaroka Rain. I like it a lot. * * * * * * *  

Unfinished Business

June 24th, 2013

Lots of new circumstance & unfinished business these past months and I am seeking equilibrium, which {actually} may be pointless. . . right now I am creating my Life. And pretty soon, I will paint more about it. To the left is one of my unfinis... 


February 4th, 2013

In my day job, I am also a painter. A painter of walls. This past week and a half I've been painting the inside of a new salon in town called Liza & Co. Cool job, "Retro" theme. (The image posted is the after shot, "before" was 50 shades of d... 

Here and There

January 23rd, 2013

First and foremost. You have to want it for yourself. And then you have to be true to it. Otherwise it's not really going to matter. This oil abstract was done several years ago..... 2006-7 ?.....called "Here and There". A paint... 

Front Window

January 14th, 2013

Here is a shot of the work itself ! Well, an idea at least. I need to re-shoot the paintings before I can post them on the site. And yes, that's me in the reflection of the window, documenting this epic journey. *yes Epic* 


January 14th, 2013

I moved -again- this past summer and was challenged by a close friend and fellow Artist to take ACTION with my work.... paint, paint, paint and Remember myself and remind the world that I am indeed an Artist. An Amazing Artist. Rare... like a rose ... 

Wheel of Fortune

January 1st, 2013

And so I begin (again). Setting up the palette. The smear of colors. Licking the brush. Inhaling the scent of oil paints and turpentine. Dare myself to Be myself (again). Dare to fly into the mystery of it all. Spinning the...