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Hi! Welcome to Debbie Nester Fine Art. GO TO MY BLOG TO VIEW MY NEW SLIDESHOW SHOWING NEW FINE ART ADDED 12-19-2013 My Bibliography is below. If you are viewing this through the fineartamerica website or pixel website (Pixels has my Fine Art on Samsung Galaxy 4S Cases at, please note that I now have Premium Membership whereby much more of my Fine Art is available for your purchase, (please go there because on Fine Art America, although you can view all of my Fine Art, you can only purchase the first 25 pieces, but on my Artist Website you have the option of purchasing all of my Fine Art pieces that you want, which now includes 63 pieces), on my NEW Artist Website at: *****NOTE: When you go to make a purchase you will see the option to sign in as a guest if you aren't already a member of Fine Art America. It is free to sign in as a Guest, providing you with a temporary, free membership to Fine Art America. AFTER YOU DO THAT GO BACK TO WHERE YOU FIRST SAW THE OPTION TO SIGN IN AS A GUEST ON MY ARTIST WEBSITE at WHEN GOING TO MAKE YOUR PURCHASE AND THEN CLICK THERE AND PROCEED WITH YOUR PURCHASE. Thank you! Debbie at Debbie Nester Fine Art *****NOTE: Google search my and you will see the link title is Debbie Nester Fine Art, and click on that one, but be sure it shows the after my name part: debbie-nester instead of the words after my name part. Please read my Bibliography below and see my blogs. I encourage e-mails so I know my Artist Website is working correctly. I also encourage you to let me know if you made a purchase through my website so I can check and make sure it has been processed through all the way correctly. I had technical issues which are supposedly all cleared up now, but until I see that a sale has processed all the way through I have no way of knowing for sure. I do know that I have provided all the information necessary to process through o.k. though. E-mail me to let me know. I am receiving e-mails from my Artist Website o.k.. Thank you, Debbie (Bonner) Nester New: See my Blogs: My Stumble Upon page - click like and share it to help spread the news of my Fine Art! *****A SLIDESHOW OF SOME OF MY FINE ART.***** See it under blog or here: My first blog is - 'Love of the Visual Sense:' BIBLIOGRAPHY I took two art classes when I went for my Bachelors Degree in Psychology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas from 1992-1997, and one of my art teachers told us students that he went to Art School with PICASSO! He drew the most awesome head of a Guerrilla that I have ever seen! It looked so real, as if the Guerrilla where right in front of us! I thank him for his expertise of which I thought of many times over the years since I took his class and use my version of as I create my Fine Art pieces. My love for art began when I was very young. As a teenager, I would sit at our kitchen table and draw - I drew a Pencil Drawing of the House I could see from my kitchen window - that Fine Art piece was my favorite when I was a teenager. As a teenager, in art class, one piece of art work I painted was a large bowl full of fruit - my teacher was impressed by it and asked to borrow it to show to someone, and I never saw it again after letting her do so. It was quite an accomplishment I was told, that Fruit Bowl full of Fruit that I painted - I believe I used Acrylic paint to paint it; however, I never thought I would fall in love with painting and drawing as I have over the past year when I began implementing the art techniques I learned in those two art classes I took when I was a student at UNLV working on my Bachelor's Degree. It was a year ago that I took up drawing and painting again. For now, you may enjoy my watercolor painting 'Angel,' where miraculously, another hand within the hand of the Angel, a Gold hand, appeared unexpectedly (visibility of the Gold hand is more evident in the prints I have - I had to repost it and used a lighter version of the print which I prefer due to the Angel Wings showing Golden, like the light of the sun.) There are many things to see within my art if you will take the time to view it - things appear unexpectedly in my Art work, such as the horse/Unicorn in the cloud of the 'Camouflage Sailboat' Watercolor Painting, and the head of a beautiful Duck in the flowers on my Acrylic Painting of 'Watermen's Boat and Shanty on the Shore' - spend some time looking at the door in my painting! I hope you enjoy my Fine Art. I have many more art pieces, including photography to add, so please check back often. For animal lovers, I have a series of photographs I will be adding, and many nature scenes, photographs taken over this year. I recently posted my first Oil Painting, and there are two acrylic paintings already available beside a group of watercolors and a pencil drawing. I recently added 'Great Blue Heron Pencil Drawing,' my latest piece of Fine Art Pencil Drawings. I offer my Fine Art in the form of Oil Paintings, Acrylic Canvas Paintings, Watercolor Paintings, Pastels - soon to be posed, Pencil Drawings, and any other art media in the future. In the late 1990s I also created Fine Art pieces using Charcoal, Colored Pencils, and Conte Crayons, each a seperate piece of Fine Art. Pastels were my favorite, but now I prefer to paint using Watercolors, Acrylics, and Oil. As for my Art style - please tell me what you see as my style in a certain piece of my Fine Art. I consider myself a realist. I love drawing and painting still life, and I love drawing and paining life in motion. As for whether it is impressionist, for example, or abstract, or any other type of style, I see different styles in the varying pieces of Fine Art I create, and I look forward to learning more about types of art styles from you, why you prefer them, and what you would like to be created in that style - to give me food for thought as to what I create in my future pieces of Fine Art to offer to you. I would be happy to create an Original piece of Fine Art and Poetry for you or for that special someone in your life for you to purchase as a gift for them - to brighten their day too! I hope my Fine Art helps to add beauty to the World. For me, my art is a Counter to negativity, adding a positive or providing food for though about the reality of today's current affairs in the World - Photography of which I hope to share with you in the future as I add more Fine Art to my Artist Website, and of course, I will continue to add the beauty in my offerings of Fine Art for sale. I added the Photograph of Jesus because to me, Jesus is Divine Love, a healing Love, a healing Light, which I wish upon people all throughout the world this very day and every day. I hope my Fine Art adds beauty to your life and reflection, food for thought to help bring the reality of today's World to the forefront in hopes that by showing reality we can accentuate the positive and work together to stop the increase of the negative, destructive forced which have permeated every Country Worldwide. Thank you for visiting my gallery: Debbie's Reflection Fine Art Gallery. Though my Gallery shows a limited amount of my Fine Art, having my Artist Website allows me to make more of my Fine Art available for you to purchase and allows me add beauty, reflection, contemplation - food for thought to our World: Thank you, Debbie Nester

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