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Fanou MONTEL - Artist

About Fanou MONTEL

Learn more about Fanou MONTEL from Berrias Et Casteljau - France.

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I know artistic exaltation since a young age. Later, nothing will disturb my enthusiasm, nor the refusal of my parents to begin studies at the Fine Arts that I coveted, nor my job as professor of economics management, nor the education of my two children.

Globe-trotter, I will draw in my travels innumerable creative sensations from the meetings that I do, landscapes that I admire ... armed with a notebook and colored markers.

About fifteen personal exhibitions, many participations in French and international shows and a collaboration with some galleries, I like to confront my painting with those who will see something that moves them.

My pictorial approach:

The drawing, then the ink very quickly, were the vectors of my sensitivity of child and adolescent. When painting came to me, a little later, it is through figuration that I tried to translate my emotions. Nudes, portraits, quantities of landscapes ... The keys have appeared more and more abstract ... Abstraction has become, for some years now, the tool of my creative liberation ... And then, as nothing is immutable , some figurative transcriptions are gradually appearing ... and I let it go ...

At the start of a canvas, jubilant phase, the gesture is large, fast, spreading colored masses, setting a rhythm by full, empty, lines, traces ... It is rare that I set a precise image to create , I prefer to explore all possibilities by allowing myself repentis and let me be guided by the emotions that arise as and when the architecture is set up ...

I paint for that !! To live these intense moments that gives me the creation. Even though often doubt and questioning tease me, they never stop me from starting again, again and again ...

Fanou MONTEL joined Pixels on March 12th, 2019.