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Greetings Everyone!   Where do I start?   Let’s see...   I’m retired and enjoy our beautiful yard of lively habitation.   I’m in my forever project of home renovation since my parents’ passing, and pray that in 2021 I will finally see its completion.   After decades of procrastination and prodding from fellow photographers, I’ve decided to introduce some of my work to the public—starting off with the most recent.   So thrilled, nervous and relieved to have taken this big step forward.   Growth in...more
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Yard Babies

My delightful visitors would often emerge from their wooded habitat. The deer, in particular, used to romp with my dog, Rikko. O how he enjoyed his pals. The rabbits and squirrels would play tag, just to rile him up—that is until I realized it was a special game between them. They always returned for more fun. I was interfering. LOL! O how I miss my beautiful boy, and they do too. Regret I didn’t capture those special moments. I guess that’ll be our little secret.

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