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James Eye Draws By Mouth

Lancaster, CA - October 18th, 2013

After an accident that left me paralyzed 20 years ago, I knew that walking on water was maybe out of the question. I went back to school and got my BA only to not find work that could support my family. So back to the drawing board not the surf board. I always loved art and even worthless hands can't stop me. I am selling my work to move forward in this machine called life. When I broke my neck 20 years ago and drown, I got to chat with God. God let me return, but there was a catch. God offered me my life back in exchange for doing some work from a wheelchair. I argued with God over the chair. But he said "The human body is fragile, and that man had not developed the technology or understanding of a miracle of this kind". I am bitter from time to time and I see it in my work. But I also see joy and take pride in my work. It is a miracle that we are here and I just wanted to share my work and see who appreciates it.